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Ten Signs The Universe Sends You When You Are Straying From Your Path

By Souls of Silver

Almost every great personality who has graced the Earth has always had some kind of an epiphany early on in life that made him/her realise their one true calling. This is the very premise of faith as well.

As a matter of fact, in Protestant Christianity there is the concept of the “elect”: these are individuals who have been chosen by God for some higher purpose in life and this choice of God is reflected in their mortal lives. They are seen to prosper and appear to be blessed to remain unharmed.

But we are not here to debate the higher arguments of faith and religions. In the spiritualists’ belief, the universe vibrates with a certain amount of fixed energy. And according to scientific laws, when something vibrates with a fixed amount of energy it has a particular frequency, which can be used to distinguish it from other things like it.

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Our universe too has a particular frequency, and when our bodies are in tune with this frequency, we become what people call elects. This makes our worldly lives far more prosperous and rich and makes our spiritual lives more and more intriguing: we have visions from our guardian deities who tell us what to do and what to avoid on this journey.

The people who are not, however, in sync with the universe, vibrate with a lower spiritual frequency, making their lives out of place and out of order. This makes their thoughts full of turmoil and their nights sleepless. And it is not just these inner struggles: the material lives of people who are out of sync with the universe, are totally haphazard.

They just cannot find peace and tranquillity, neither with their own selves, nor with the worlds around them. They are often depressed and more often than not find themselves falling ill too easily.

So how do you know if you are an elect or not?

Well, for starters, the universe is a living, breathing thing and is partial towards you. It will send you signs and signals if there is the slightest deviation from your destined path. The deviations are normally caused by human actions and free will.

So, how does the universe communicate with you? Obviously it cannot come in human form and tell you to your face that you are not doing right by it, and by yourself.

The universe does it in the form of its favourite signal: coincidental day-to-day happenings that will keep happening so often that you will start to question their coincidental nature.

Here are 10 such signs. If these things happen way too often than you would like them to, there is a chance that it is the universe’s way of telling you — please correct your ways. You have strayed from your true path and are not in sync with the universe.

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1. Headaches/migraines

They are commonplace and not to mention crippling, even in an acute sense. They simply do not let you work, because what you are doing is not what you are supposed to be doing.

2. Hurting your pinkie-toe

Annoying and painful. You know just what we mean.

3. Traffic

When it is irregular and happens again and again, forcing you to cancel plans.

4. Receiving hate from others

Best way to know that you are not really favouring others with your existence.

5. Injuries and cramps

Again, crippling.

6. Unprecedented expenses

Well, we all know the value of money in this world.

7. Uneasy intrusive thoughts

They can ruin your day.

8. Arguing

With people you love and care for.

9. Not being able to taste your food

Well, food is one of the biggest joys in life, and if its lures are taken away, it is a sign.

10. Breaking things

That you care for and love.

If these keep happening, take your time and evaluate your life before going down the path you are on. Till then, Happy Healing!



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