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What Is Your Spirit Animal According To Your Zodiac?

By Souls of Silver

We have always been curious about the spirit animal that our zodiac represents. Before all that, what is a spirit animal? Well, to put it simply, and without any technical jargon, a spirit animal is an animal that your guide. Your spirit is closely in tune with your spirit animal. It also means that a spirit animal closely resembles your personality, your moods etc. But, it should be known that since there are so many zodiacs, there will obviously be a lot of animals. What are they? Let’s find out:-


The animal you represent the most is a cheetah. You have the same desire to be free, to be out in the wild, to explore the vestiges of this earth on your own without any crutch holding you back. Also, Aries has always been considered to have its spirit animal as the cheetah because of one singular feature that continues to impress- their single-minded approach. Just like the cheetah, if an Aries sets their mind on something, they will follow through, no matter what. They are extremely focused on what they want.


Taurus find their spirit animal in the bear. Why? Because the bear provides stability and strength, something that you seek for in everything you want to do. Taurus are also protective, just like the bear. They can go to any lengths to simply protect their loved ones from any harm.


You have the dolphin as your spirit animal. Beneath that playful and lively nature, you have the desire to know the world. You are really intelligent, something dolphins are famous for. Plus, you are also known for your jovial attitude towards life and the fun you put into others too.

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You have the rabbit. You are shy, timid but clever and carry a clear mind. Just like the rabbit, you don’t let your fears consume you. You always try to circumnavigate it no matter what it takes. But you are mostly the rabbit because you are a complex character. You might feel weak and powerless and overwhelmed sometimes, but you learn to use them as your power. You are much stronger than you appear to be.


You have the dragon. Noble, mysterious, magnificent, powerful – words fail you. You are fierce when the time comes, but also protective. You are the dragon in Beowulf. You are the dragon in every Nordic epic ever written.

But since dragons are leaders, you have leadership qualities. You know what to do and when. But you also love to show off. You are guilty of a bit of healthy narcissism.


You have the fox as your spirit animal. Not the sly stuff fables talk about. You are clever, nonetheless. But you are also extremely adaptable, and what you lack in your small size, you make up for in mental stability and tenacity. You are cunning and can turn any situation into your favor.



You have the swan. And as swans are known throughout the world, you are elegant, graceful and magnificent. You are gentle and you have this authenticity around you that draws people to you. Even when you are surrounded by others, you retain your originality. Plus, you have the amazing capability of balancing yourself in troubled waters.


You have the phoenix. And like a phoenix, you have two halves that make your whole personality. The outer half is fierce, strong, willing to burn down everything to protect someone. But the inner half is calm, peaceful, and gentle.

There will be an important point in your life when you would have to go through a transformation. Then, you would determine if you are worthy of bigger things in life or not.



You are like the cat– fierce, independent, with a devil-may-care attitude. You don’t care about what people have to say about you. You live your life to the fullest, exploring the world on your own terms. You don’t handle anyone’s s*it.



You are like an alligator. Might seem weird, but wait. The alligator represents hidden strength, patience, and assertion. You don’t let go when you hold onto something. And they can pull with all their might. But what people are most surprised about you is when you bring forth your primal strength to deal with a situation that no one expected you to be capable of. And you succeed most of the time.


You are the spider. You have many sides to you which makes you unpredictable to people- precisely why some of them fear you. You are creative but you like being aloof. You like to be on the background, never entering the spotlight. You know you have the dark side and the light side in you and you have accepted it.


You are like the deer – demure, shy, gentle, patient and quiet. But if people get to know you, they will be amazed by the strength and wisdom you possess. But you are also sensitive, so you don’t allow anyone to be rude or vulgar around you. You are always actively looking to surround yourself with like-minded people – your herd.

So, which animal is your spirit animal?

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