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Our Soul Plan: A Guide To Your Destiny

By Souls of Silver

Within our body lies the eternal soul. Sometimes, we forget that while we are going for a journey, we are also taking our soul on the same journey. Rather our soul has planned out a long journey for us and we, as vessels, are just moving towards it. If you connect with it, you can get a clear understanding of it. But before that, you have to understand your soul and your soul plan better.

Our Soul On This Earth

Our soul has come on this earth in order to learn more and to help another. It has come to grow and teach us. Now, why does our soul want to learn more about things? It’s simple – our consciousness expands with the soul. And as the consciousness expands, it starts to align with the proportion of the universe. After all, the universe is expanding constantly, and our mind and souls should expand along with it. But there is something more to it than what we can derive.

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We are often tired to get up in the morning to work but our soul remains super active. There are several dimensions in the world of spirits and they are constantly trying to connect with us. While we may not understand them consciously, charged with our soul, we can be able to derive meaning from the messages of the cosmos. Our soul is connected to everything, unlike the human form which makes us feel unique and separate. Our soul is aware of the struggles that we have to face but it is also aware that they are all temporary. Even life is temporary and soon, we will become whole again. Our soul will combine with the Universe and everything will become as it was before you were born. Only your soul will mature a little bit.

Soul Lessons

So, what are the lessons that the soul learns? Love or learning the message of love is the soul’s main objective. For that, it is willing to go the extra distance. When we are talking about the soul, remember that the soul knows what it desires. And so, it chooses our path, our family, our country and even certain events of our life. On top of that, the soul also gives us ‘free will’. However, sometimes, our soul tends to forget that life on earth is draining. It becomes challenging for the soul too and so; it ends up getting exhausted. But these challenges are just a part of its learning process. With these challenges, the soul chooses to go back to the state of love. The path of love is filled with thorns of different kinds. But there is no good or bad way towards it – there is just the only way. While the soul may go through terrible losses on the path, it will realize how important love is. It’s something that  Dr. Mary C. Neal experienced. She had a near-death experience and when she went over to the other side, a messenger said that her son would be dying. It broke her heart but it only created a ripple effect which brought more love to her. In our human form, ego blocks us from love but it is only through our falls and tragedy that ego sheds away and love finds access.

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Plan Of Our Soul

Our soul does not reveal its plan to us that easily. But it does show us glimpses of it from which we can derive our soul plan. Some of them are:

  • Observe your family. What emotions dominated your entire childhood? What is your birth order? It shows the beginning of a journey.
  • Are you drawn to certain cultures or places? Maybe that’s where your path lies.
  • What are your talents? Those are the strengths of your soul.
  • What are some of the turning points in your life? They are like leveling up.
  • What are some of the memorable themes in your life? If they keep repeating, maybe they have a significant effect on you.
  • Do you have any chronic illness? It might be the plan of your soul.
  • What are the kinds of people you are drawn to? The people who surround you are often placed by your soul.
  • Which people make your life challenging? They can be good teachers.
  • Do you want to learn a specific language or trade? Maybe your soul wishes to learn it too.

You can always use tarot reading, meditation and channeling to help you learn more about your soul journey.


If you really want to stay on the path of your soul, you have to choose to surrender yourself to it. Trust it and let go. Say:

“Dear Cosmos or the Soul, please guide me. I surrender to you and I have complete faith in you. Help me to enter your essence and serve you. Please guide me to do the right actions at the right time.”

Let the soul take over and guide you according to its soul plan. Find your destiny.

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