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Mercury In Taurus – Changing Your Plans To Actions

By Souls of Silver

Mercury is a flighty sign but it finds some ground in the sturdy Taurus. Generally, Mercury has the power over our communication and hence, influences our mind in a certain way. Taurus, on the other hand, spends time to plan things out and is quite practical. With the combined energy of the action-taking Mercury, this time Taurus might be able to convert the plans into actions. We will stop daydreaming and thinking about how things would turn out. Rather, we will go all out by creating stronger foundations as foundations are what helps us to build better a stable life.

When Mercury Goes Into Taurus

Imagination is no longer going to rule our life. Mercury brings common sense and puts emphasis on what is real and what is not. You will be using whatever you have in a reasonable manner so that you can actually get better results in the future. Of course, when Mercury goes in Taurus on 6th May and stays till 21st May, creative ways will not be the right path for us. You may not be able to think of any as such. Rather, you will stick to traditions and use what has been tried before and has worked.

Mercury is flexible but it comes into the most rigid sign in the Zodiac cycle, Taurus. Hence, while you will have the flexible side of Mercury on your side, there will be the Taurean rigidity becoming a part of you. You may start to find yourself getting into a fixed routine. Try to stay open to new ideas – remember, a bit of flexibility is always necessary for growth.

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A good thing about Taurus is that it comes with a purpose. It is determined and it does not waste time in drama. So, you will be more focused during this period. Your eyes are set on what’s important – your ambitions and goals – and nothing will stop you from achieving them.

When Mercury Goes Retrograde In Taurus

Mercury tends to go retrograde a lot of times and this time, it won’t be an exception. In general, Taurus tends to rule over our materialistic world – that is, money. When Mercury goes retrograde, it brings problems with miscommunication. What you say or want to convey can get misinterpreted and turned against you. So, while the Taurean energy might encourage you to go and ask for a raise, it is not recommended at all. Don’t take any financial decision during this period or sign any kind of contract. Let this phase pass.

However, you can use Mercury Retrograde to slow down a bit and think of how you would like your finances to be planned. It’s time to build a budget and rethink about it.

If You Were Someone Born When Mercury Was In Taurus

If you are someone who was born when Mercury was in Taurus then, you are born practical. You know how the world works and that makes you more understanding as well as pragmatic. You are not someone who would jump into conclusions but rather encourage others to communicate their opinions. And regarding communication, you are a clear speaker who can convey what you want without digression. Compact and purposeful conversations are your thing. It’s your steady nature and calmness that makes other people come and talk to you more. Being honest is what you do best.

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You have strong notions about values. Traditions are something that you will always stick to. That makes you a bit stubborn for many people. It’s ok to stick to your ideas and be stubborn about it but remember, if you really want to grow, you have to invite other opinions as well. Be open and expand your perspective.

Traits Of People Born Under Mercury In Taurus Cosmic Event

  • Strong
  • Straightforward
  • Keeping it real.
  • Calm
  • Careful
  • Straightforward
  • Determined
  • Unwavering
  • Focused

Let’s hope Mercury in Taurus brings loads of good to you.

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