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Empathy Makes It Harder For A Woman To Find Mr. Right

By Souls of Silver

Some of the best people you’ll ever meet are women who are empaths. However, they are a tough act to follow and many men find them too intimidating to be able to give them the love they deserve. With an empath, you either give them your all or you give them nothing because they will pour everything into a relationship and you need to be prepared for the challenge they present.

Why Is It Harder For A Female Empath To Find The Right Love?

1. Emotional Intimacy

Besides the physical side of the relationship, these women are also looking for a man who can satisfy their emotional needs. Those who can’t simply won’t be enough for them.

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2. Desire To Be Free

An empath won’t be able to handle the feeling of being trapped. They’ll start losing their minds. Without their freedom, they can’t stay in a relationship.

3. Self Awareness

They know how they want to be loved and what kind of person they are looking for. Female empaths aren’t going to settle for anything less so they’ll just leave rather than waste their time.

4. Curiosity

Bringing everything out into the open is important for an empath so they’ll keep questioning you to learn as much as they can about the kind of person you are. This interrogation is often too much for many because they don’t have the strength to handle it.

5. Straightforwardness

If you’re someone who only likes being told what you want to hear, then a female empath isn’t the right partner for you. She’ll be honest at all times and she’ll never sugarcoat anything just to make you feel better about yourself.

6. Intensity

Empathy is a potent power and the bonds that empaths create with the people they are close to are unlike any other. The depth of their emotions is almost frightening for those who are still treading shallower waters.

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7. Commitment

Long lasting, strong relationships are what an empath is looking for so if you’re commitment-phobic, you may as well stay away. They want to love and be loved without having to constantly question where the relationship is headed.


8. Stability

Stable, dependable people who can be trusted to do the right thing are an empath’s type. Unfortunately, they don’t come across many such people.

9. Sight

Blessed with the gift of empathy, these women see all the good and the bad that you have to offer. Reading them is harder and you must never forget that the first sign that you’re trying to control her will make her leave.

10. All Her Love

When an empath loves, she does not hold back in the least. She will give you all the love in her soul and she’ll want you to give her the same in return.

Empaths are always looking for the best in people and very often they get disappointed. But if you’re a female empath searching for love, don’t lose hope. The right person is out there and you’ll find them when the time is right.

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