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Why Isn’t God Answering To Your Prayers?

By Souls of Silver

If the universe didn’t answer our prayers, we would be dead by now.

It is no use denying that yes indeed, there is a wish-granting energy-laden factory of sorts above our heads and all around us. There are beings much above our understanding, above and around us, who help us in our day-to-day struggles and are busy answering our prayers.

Humans with their crude understanding have named them gods and spirits and angels and demons, just to make a little more sense of their magnificence.

And despite turning into a bunch of sceptical people, if not downright atheists, we have time and time again, looked up to the sky and prayed, of course with mixed results.

If our prayers have been answered, you have rejoiced at the timely “coincidence”. If not, well you knew there was no god anyway!

But have you spared a moment to wonder why your wish did not come true?

Now, this is because of two reasons:

One, that our intentions are not strong enough, and let’s face it, this happens. We just happen to like something and that’s it. There is no need or proper reason for wanting said thing.

And the second reason is, that our message isn’t powerful enough, and like the dead letters in Melville’s short story Bartleby, they just never reach their destination.

This is because our spiritual frequencies are not up to the mark; the vibrations simply fade away into nothingness before reaching the said gods.

Have Faith

So, the first thing that is absolutely necessary is intent and belief. When you truly believe in something and really want something from the bottom of your heart, and with proper purpose or intent, you do end up winning when it is all over.

The second thing that is mandatory, is what we call, resonance with the universe. Resonance is a phenomenon that happens when two vibrating bodies vibrate at the same frequency with each other. This creates a certain positive vibe around them. So, this resonance can only be achieved by us, by uplifting ourselves to the frequency of the universe.

The method is two-fold:

First of all, you must meditate and truly find out what you want. And this shouldn’t be like a child’s Christmas list. This has to be something simple yet profound, like for instance: a new oven for your grandmother. And wishes for people you love work better in general.

Write a Journal

Now write this down on a piece of paper, like this: “I am going to get this”. Do not write in a begging tone, like this “I want this please.” That is the difference between a good wish and a weak one.

Now on the other leaf of the paper, make a list of things that you can and actually want to do, to achieve the ends you seek.

Do not feel helpless and sad while doing this, because this is where your positive intent helps you.

And remember, no matter how insignificant you seem to yourself, in comparison with the task at hand, there is ALWAYS something that you can do. Always.

Remember that as you proceed with this exercise. Self-pity and self-bashing reap no good results.

Make Efforts

The last part of the exercise might seem to be something very passive to take on, but trust us on this: the universe loves nothing more than effort and intent. If a person really goes out of his or her way to try, and does not give up, the universe is all for that person.

Next, whatever little you can do to visualise that goal, do it. It might be going to the gym every day, or doing overtime at work, or if you are a child it might just be something as little as putting a coin in your piggy-bank.

Next, while doing that, everyday find some time of solitude and pray.

And after, visualise yourself achieving your said goal, and bathe in the pleasure it might give you.

Trust us, things will look up.




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