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These 4 Signs Show That You Are About To Meet Your Soulmate

By Souls of Silver

Do you think you are going to meet your soulmate soon?

All our life we wait eagerly for the moment we are going to meet our soulmate. It is an important element of our experience on this planet and therefore everyone has a lot of queries and curiosity about it. Soulmates are your one and only, so the excitement is quite justified.

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Do you think they are right around the corner?

Soulmates are extremely special. They are our other half, someone the Universe chose for us. Naturally, we are always very excited to meet and unite with them. However how do we know when we are going to meet them? Do we wait endlessly? Don’t worry because the Universe has several hints and signs to help you meet your true love. They will guide you towards them to help you find the happy ending you deserve.

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The past partners have gone MIA

This is a very important sign. Many keep saying that although they share a good relationship with their previous flames, yet they seem to avoid them, without any proper reason. This suggests that this person has evolved and understood that those past relationships do not have any significance or comfort. Your inner self has understood that good things are coming your way and there’s no point holding on to your past.

The Pretender

Before you meet your soulmate, an impersonator will come into your life. It’s something that happened with me as well. He was absolutely amazing but it was a long distance relationship and so it failed. Years later, I met another man with the same name and he was identical to my ex. The best thing was we stayed in the same place and could hang out together. The “copycat” is someone who will come before the soumate does and they will be scarily similar to each other. Hence, if someone perfect comes your way but has a few limitations, be sure your soulmate is coming soon.

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Déjà vu

We often have these moments where it seems like we have experienced it before, seen a certain person or been to some place. This happens when our soul reacts to a memory of a previous life. We can recognize these elements but cannot explain why. This happens just before we are going to meet our soulmate for the first time. These occurrences will keep happening until your paths cross. There are certain spiritual learnings we need to have but when we meet our soulmate we will automatically feel drawn towards them because the Universe will show the way.

The Quest

Meeting our soulmate seems to be our life’s biggest purpose. It is the one thing that we are all here to do. To find our better half, our one true love and live with them for a long time. It almost seems like an adventure we have started to cross many hurdles until we find the one. Our soul gets pushed forward by the Universe towards them and keeps us motivated and strong through all the difficulties and pining. No hardships seem troublesome because finding our soulmate is a matter of great happiness and love. However it also happens that as we get nearer to our soulmate, this push and energy loses its pace and our progress gets slowed. The reason behind this frequent occurrence is that it is at this moment our inner selves are made aware of the fact that our special one is close by.

These signs are a definite way to figure out if your soulmate will arrive soon.

Share this with your friends and let them know that their respective soulmates are on their way. Till then Happy Healing!



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