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6 Traits Every Empath Tries To Conceal

By Souls of Silver

Empaths have a heightened sense of feeling and are energetically sensitive. They are fine-tuned into people around them. True empaths are people high on the empathic spectrum and can actually feel in their bodies what is happening in others. They have this incredible sense of compassion for people but too much feeling exhausts them mentally and emotionally. They need to develop ways to protect their sensitivities and device healthy boundaries.

Every empath persists in knowing about your condition but is extremely reluctant about revealing theirs. So it is important that we pay as much attention to them as they are concerned about us.

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Things That Every Empath Will Try To Hide From You:

Their Sensitivity

They do not like to make a big deal about their sensitivity. Empaths are natural leaders and feel that they ought to be strong in the presence of others. They abhor inconveniencing others. The trait they try to conceal the most is that they are hypersensitive.

The Natural Introverts

Me-time is precious to every empath. This is the only time when they can be in a calm state of mind and are not being buffeted by the energies of others. The stress of constantly feeling others’ emotions tires them out and they withdraw at times into a shell to recover.


They Spot A Lie A Mile Away

Empaths are people of impeccable integrity. They are genuine people who feel uncomfortable when they are lied to. Empaths have an unusually sharp sense of whether someone is being truthful or lying. They may remain silent but will never forget it.

Intuitive To The Core

Empaths have an unusual capacity for sensing and understanding the emotions of others. They know what others feel and also why they feel it without the need to be told.

Giving More Than Humanly Possible

They don’t know when to stop when it comes to helping others. They tend to ignore themselves in their quest to care. This tendency to personalize other people’s emotions makes them vulnerable to mental conditions like stress and depression.

Stress Comes Easily To Them

The everyday need to feel the intense emotional pains of others burns them out frequently. They are overwhelmed by being made to tackle many tasks simultaneously. It affects their health badly and might even lead to substance abuse to relieve stress.

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Empaths are honest people. And that’s their most enduring quality. They try to conceal the fact that they are so sensitive. But time and again they are caught out and taken advantage of by manipulative people who exploit their emotions. But they carry on their good work nonetheless. Every empath in our lives deserves all our love!

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