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Archangel Asariel Is Here To Bless Us With The Pisces New Moon This Month

By Souls of Silver

23rd February welcomes the Pisces New Moon and Archangel Asariel will be there to bless us as well. Time for us to complete our old goals and fix new ones. Opportunities will come anew and our desires will be renewed with the magic of the Moon.

The Patron Angel of Waters, Archangel Asariel will be present during this Pisces New Moon. The gifts Asariel now brings include intuitive wisdom, emotions, dreams, Spirituality, and creativity as it mainly controls the water bodies of the Earth. This is a great night to work on our psychic self. If we ask this kind Archangel, we will be able to increase our natural gifts and raise our vibrations.

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But for all the blessings to work, we must be confident of ourselves. We must be able to envision ourselves uniting with the other lightworkers of the world. We all have to send out our love and light during the Pisces New Moon.

Pisces New Moon

As New Moons are associated with new beginnings, this is a great time to sow seeds for the future with some rituals. As we move on from the dark moon towards illumination, we must be prepared. Our thought-seeds will be awakened with the growing Moon in the coming days till we reach the Full Moon. The peace and tranquility of the dark New Moon will allow the seed intentions to take root and sustain itself with the fertile earth down under. Don’t try to rush this period. It is important that we let it grow at its own rate. All we can do to help is do the following ritual.

With this Pisces New Moon ritual, you can sit in the dark and set your plans for the coming months. Every wish made now will be extremely potent.

For the ritual, you will need 3 white candles, jasmine incense, white sage, pen, and some paper. You have to write your intentions for the next thirty days and think about the things you would like to see happening in those days. Then light the candle and pray to the Moon goddess. Burn the sage and clean all negativity around you and then light the incense to allow the angels inside.

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Once the ritual is over, drink a glass of water. Hold the glass and ask Archangel Asariel to bless it. You can also sing or drum around to raise your vibrations. Remember that the waters of the seas and rivers are the same as the glass of water in your hand. It’s all connected. Let the force of water bring new changes in your life. Let the Arrchnagle work its magic with this water!

This Pisces New Moon is great for hope, optimism, and new beginnings. The energy now will set the pace for the entire lunar cycle. Don’t be shy and embrace it!

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