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Meditation Methods To Combat Anxiety

By Souls of Silver

Stress and anxiety have become part and parcel of modern human beings. However, studies have shown that meditation can combat stress and anxiety. It lowers blood pressure and evens out breathing rate which helps us calm down.

There are many meditation methods that help ease our stress. They can reduce strain on our neural pathways and help us in regulating our emotions.

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Mindfulness Meditation Method

Fear and anxiety often go hand in hand. A sense of dread takes over. You become restless. Practicing mindfulness meditation method requires one to look into one’s thoughts and emotions. Approach them with compassion and understanding. Do not let your anxiety overpower you. Face it. Don’t think of it as something external to you. Sit comfortably and feel. Let your feelings guide you to your worries and resolve them one after the other. Turn them into positive feelings.

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Deep Belly Breathing

More supply of oxygen is always welcomed by our bodies. More oxygen in our brain and nervous system allows us to think with better clarity. It will help us relax and fall asleep. It might also help us calmly encounter any big event. Let the air flow into your abdomen. Fill your lungs and belly with air. Sit up. Let your body assume its natural posture.

Mantra Meditation Method

Working on a chant and trying to feel your being float away from your woes could be the healthiest drug you will encounter. Chanting is a meditation method that can help you believe in what you chant. Chanting will allow you to focus your energies where you could control them better.

Find something short that you could repeat easily. Chant what is easy to remember. Chant clearly. It will keep you grounded even when your thoughts begin to wander.

Meditation methods need to be followed at least twice every day. They will help you become conscious of yourself and your surroundings. You can reflect on yourself. It will give you lease to look around at the people you love, the connections that matter and will help you build yourself with their positive energy.

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Meditation methods will help you combat your stress and anxiety. You will think thoroughly with a stable mind. Your thoughts will be good and pure. Your dreams will be comfortable. You will find solutions to situations that looked too complicated to encounter before.

Allow the meditation methods to reach deep into your mind and soothe you.

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