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Science Says That The Universe May Have Consciousness

By Souls of Silver

Our consciousness has intrigued eminent researchers from many fields for centuries. They have wondered if its existence can be explained with reference to mankind. A new study or concept called Panpsychism has been making the rounds for a little while that says that the Universe itself is conscious, and in extension, is the source of all consciousness. If this holds true down to the last point, we could be looking at a replacement of the Dark Matter theory.

Parenago’s Discontinuity

Many well-known scientists have supported this theory, namely Gregory Matloff and Bernard Haisch. On discovering how similar their theories were, they conducted a study together, on the Parenago’s Discontinuity. The Parenago’s Discontinuity is the difference of speeds of a hotter and cooler star. The study was based on the observation that the cooler stars, just as our Sun, move at a higher pace thanks to the release of a multi directional jet that makes them gain speed. Matloff reached out to Haisch when he found out about his theory that consciousness runs free in the open space. It is where it originates before making its way to other entities.

Christoff Koch

Christoff Koch, a neuroscientist believes that consciousness is an awareness level that any living thing has. It has different levels, the lowest being the base consciousness. He is currently working on finding the different levels of consciousness, and how they evolve and alter their thoughts to attune themselves to their external environment. Out of his many subjects are two mice. Their brains have been connected to each other to find out if they work as one individual unit when it comes to processing information or not.

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Even Roger Penrose believes that consciousness exists on the quantum level, in the most basic units of our minds.

Some Preexisting Concepts

There are many preexisting concepts of consciousness. The mind body duality theory, the materialism theory and the proto consciousness theory dictates that a particle gains consciousness from when it comes in contact with the external environment. It is because on a fundamental level it exists independently.

The theory of panpsychism basically states that the minutest part of every atom exists in the plane of consciousness. It is almost similar to Wordsworth’s pantheism which states that life and divinity exist within everything in the world because it exists on a free plane by itself. Only difference is that for Wordsworth the idea was just sensuous but panpsychism is a wider concept, engulfing even what is beyond the Earth. Essentially, the universe.

Most researchers and scientists believe in some sort of an all engulfing idea of consciousness.

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The question of the definition and concept of consciousness has been around forever. Now that we know it might be beyond just our minds, the question is-are our minds part of an ultimate mind?

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