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Crystals For Traveling- The 5 Wanderlust Gems

People have been staying at their homes for so long. When you travel you must carry some must-have items but did you know that there are crystals for traveling?

You might be a crystal master or just a newbie but carrying these crystals for traveling is a strong way to stay protected and open to new experiences. We have written down the crystals for traveling that can help you connect with the traveling gems.

Before beginning your journey you should keep in mind all the expectations and how the change in location can influence your health and mood. You should know why you are going out on this journey. You can have different intentions for your trip and these crystals for traveling will clean and help you restore your energy.

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What Are The Top 5 Crystals For Traveling?

1: Crazy Lace Agate

Crystals For Traveling

These crystals for traveling will help you stay in the present moment. It will make you feel safe and secure and bring a flow of energy that will stimulate your mind and body. 

Our ancestors made protective and healing amulets using the crazy lace agate. They found this gem useful in preventing accidents while strengthening their body and calming their minds.

We work with the same gem for the same purpose.

This is a happy stone and can help you find joy in troubled times.

2: Iolite

Crystals For Traveling

These crystals for traveling are also known as cordierite. It will help you find your way in the voyage of life with clarity.

The Vikings used this to see their voyages in the Third Eye Chakra before leaving the shores.

Iolite will help you to understand what your heart really wants and will help you see what lies ahead of you. This will help you choose the best course of action. This gem will also provide guidance for divine and sacred peace.

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3: Black Kyanite

These crystals for traveling help in protection, grounding, and clearing, by activating the Earth Star Chakra. 

It is the only stone that can clear negative energies while never needing cleansing itself.

Black Kyanite increases your interdimensional awareness and will help you connect to your spirit guides. It will help you access past life memories to see where your soul needs retrieval.

4: Dream Amethyst

Crystals For Traveling

These crystals for traveling are all about cleaning, healing, and detoxing. Dream amethyst is basically a mix of white quartz and amethyst which deepens your meditation. It can also connect you to the higher realms including your spirit guides and angels.

It will help you clear the aura around you and create a protective bubble. The crystal will wrap you in a shield to ward off attacks and dark energies.

You can manage changes by working with this gem. It will lessen your resistance to change and help you grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

This crystal can also help you get peaceful sleep which is not easy to do when you travel.

5: Hessonite Garnet

Crystals For Traveling

This crystal is also known as the Traveler’s stone. It can bring good relationships to travelers.

The crystal is a traditional stone that is praised for bringing abundance and prosperity.

Hessonite Garnet is a stone that will align you with the energies of success and open up new financial opportunities.

It resonates with the Sacral Chakra and helps you activate your lower chakras.

These crystals for traveling will protect your energy from unwanted influences.

One important aspect of traveling with crystals is maintaining access to these essential tools so you can work with their medicine when needed. If you can, consider using a Magical Traveling Tool Case to keep your stones and crystals safe and secure, or wear them as jewelry or tucked in a pocket. You can also tuck stones in your bra or carry a medicine bag.



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