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A Man Gives Up All To Roam The World With His Cat

By Souls of Silver

A giant majority of us hope to be prosperous someday. Which is why we try to make the most of our respective careers. In certain cases, the enthusiasm to reach success takes a toll on our minds and bodies. We must not forget that many of us are already using up too much energy and time doing jobs in which we work very hard.
This one, however, is different. The man, Rich East quit the job he was at and sold all that he had to roam the planet with his cat, named Willow. This is something that we generally do not come across every day.

Willow and Rich have been roaming the continent and country of Australia for the about three years. Rich decided to sell off everything he owned and travel the country with his cute feline friend. Willow is a rescue cat that has already covered over 60,000 kilometers across the continent. She lives with Rich in their campervan, which they have been calling home for the last three or so years. Ever since they departed from Hobart, their home base in Tasmania.

Rich, however, has certainly admitted that it is no easy task to undertake this journey. Since he left his job, he had to sell off his house in order to get the money for this epic journey. Just look at this beautiful animal. She loves to snuggle in the makeshift bed in the campervan.

When the duo reached the Southern part of Australia, it marked the feline’s official traversal across all 6 of the states and the 2 territories of the country of Australia. The duo has also sailed the Great Barrier Reef as well as camped on the mountains in Bourketown situated in Queensland. That is not excluding the Northern Territory. East has also expressed that a lot of people viewed his journey as somewhat strange because of the presence of Willow, the cat. Willow, however, has no complaints and takes it all in her stride: the moving, the trekking, and the journey doesn’t bother her. She also has a distinct tracking device so that she can be found in case she’s ever lost. Willow is usually kept on the collar when they have set up camp somewhere. The black cat certainly adds aesthetic mysticism to their exciting journey. Not to forget how photogenic Willow is.

Rich says that Willow is the one thing that made the campervan a home. He is extremely proud of her. Also, Willow gets to call a whole country her backyard too. She has been the most awesome travel companion.



He says they have just made it back home, but that does not mean that they will stop there. They have truly embraced the nomadic life. It lends them happiness and satisfaction. The cat’s collar gives Rich peace of mind at all times.
Well, these two are certainly having the time of their lives. Have you ever wanted to leave everything and go on an adventure? It is time you think of it seriously! Take Rich’s example.

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