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Karma Will Take Charge During This Saturn Retrograde

By Souls of Silver

The Saturn Retrograde of 2019 started on 29 April, at 20-degree Capricorn and end on 18 September at 13-degree Capricorn. Saturn is the ruler of Karma. So, it is inevitable that this retrograde, when things will go anti-clockwise, there would be a double dose of the same. This energy, just like Saturn, is closely enmeshed in time. This is the moment our ancestors have spoken about. How karma acts on our actions, and how it determines whether we have been good or bad. Remember, that if you had been good back in the day, you will be receiving rewards for it. If you haven’t been good, you will face the consequences. You can run the face of the earth, but at this moment, the past, the present and the future would mix into one single entity that you can never run away from.

This retrograde would be problematic in the fact that it would lead to incorrect decisions taken. If you used to be a bully, then this period would be especially troublesome for you. You will reap what you have sowed. Wait till Saturn goes direct for you would again find some stability in life, and lesser retribution.


There are some debts that go beyond the constraints of one life. Maybe, in your previous life, you had been someone who was unable to look after their family or couldn’t afford the basic amenities. Maybe you were someone who was either immature or plain disrespectful that they couldn’t give their loved ones the life they deserved. So now, you need to reimburse that debt that you owed to karma, in this present life.

A healthy Saturn is one which is wholesome, and capable of doing
everything they put their minds to. They are disciplined, reliable,
trustworthy and dedicated. Those are the life lessons which you need
to learn, in order to fulfill the aim of being emotionally and physically
capable. You have to be strong to deal with the many difficulties of

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On the other hand, natal Saturn is lazy, tired, immature and disrespectful. If you are having problems in your family, or in your relationships, it would get highlighted due to this retrograde. Anything that is holding you back is exactly what this retrograde would emphasize on. Until you are able to master your instincts and abilities, your problems would keep coming back.

In Transit

When the retrograde in Saturn is in transit, it lasts for four and a half months while spanning around 6 or 7 degrees in the zodiac. This period is not a joyful experience for you are always worried about what is going to happen, and restricting yourself to avoid failure. Yet, this period is important. For, you will be taught lessons on how to deal with things when things are haywire. You will need to put more time into this, as you get ready to shoulder new responsibility. Also, Saturn Retrograde might actually allow you to admit and deal with the problems that have progressively gotten larger and larger over the period of time. When Saturn turns direct, you will have a very fruitful time spent.

Fixed Star Dheneb

This star supposed to give you the clarity you need to take certain
decisions in your life. In fact, it would help you ace them all.
Constellation Aquila would give you a strong will along with
clairvoyance and imagination, in order for you to sharpen your mind regarding certain aspects of your life.

Mercury Square Saturn

This means that whatever you do will involve communication. You would need to take care of the way you speak, and the way you make decisions. Do not let your concentration vary, and see to it that you don’t get baited by the words of others.

Mars Quincunx Saturn

This will result in a clash of interests as you would need to think which one deserves your attention more. And you might actually start getting frustrated when you see that nothing you are doing is working well enough for you.

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Saturn Sextile Neptune

Saturn sextiling Neptune would lead to material gains through optimism and wisdom. Don’t take rash decisions, and try to understand where you stand in respect to your goals. You might also need to limit yourself in order to not exhaust yourself completely.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto

This means you need to put your head in the game and achieve the most in the least amount of time. You would be given added responsibilities and you would need to fulfill them in order to show everyone that you are made of sterner stuff.

Saturn In Direct

Saturn will go direct on Wednesday, 18th September 2019. In this, you would be using whatever you have learnt so far, and the effects of retrograde would slowly come to an end. The effects of Saturn in Direct are all positive, so you would never have to worry.

Fixed Star Ascella

Would give you the physical and mental insight required to preach, and practice philosophical and astrological theories.

Moon trine Saturn

This will result in a revival of old traditional values, while also giving you the strength to deal with emotional trouble or a difficult relationship. You will grow strong though.

You should be utilizing on your past experiences, instincts and memories to help you navigate through this retrograde season. Remember to never take short-handed approaches to success, for that would lead to your failure.


The retrograde dates are as follows:
April 17 to September 9, 2018 – 09 to 02 in Capricorn
April 30 to September 18, 2019 – 20 to 13 in Capricorn
May 10 to September 29, 2020 – 01 in Aquarius to 25 in Capricorn

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