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What The Zodiac Of Indigenous Americans Says About You?

By Souls of Silver

Choosing a child’s name was no small matter among the indigenous tribes of America. They were highly attuned to nature and the names they chose represented all their hopes and fears for that baby. While colonialism has resulted in the loss of most of their knowledge, we can still learn more about their cultures in many ways. When it comes to astrology, they have star signs based on animals. Keep reading to see where you stand according to the zodiac of indigenous Americans: –

Otter (20th Jan – 18th Feb)

Known for their unconventional ways, not everyone is comfortable with an Otter’s thinking. But they’re missing out because their quirkiness is just a manifestation of their sharp intellect and heightened intuition.

Wolf (19th Feb – 20th Mar)

It is the Wolf’s firm belief that love will save us all. Of all the signs in this zodiac, the Wolf is the best in relationships because they are kind, nurturing individuals who know how to stay true to themselves.

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Falcon (21st Mar – 19th Apr)

Impartial and rational at all times, the Falcon is skilled at leadership. They are efficient and determined but on rare occasions, their arrogance can get the better of them.

Beaver (20th Apr – 20th May)

With their cutting-edge intelligence Beavers make for successful businessmen. They’re also known for their loyalty and affection but sometimes they can be really stubborn about their opinions.

Deer (21st May – 20th Jun)

As quick with their words as the sign’s namesake is with its feet, Deer are at ease when they’re in the spotlight. They are excellent at making people laugh and sometimes this can make their egos blow up.

Woodpecker (21st Jun – 21st Jul)

The most natural caregivers of the zodiac, Woodpeckers are born empaths. Others are drawn to them in times of need because they exude warmth and comfort. But they do let spite and rage get the better of them at times.

Salmon (22nd Jun – 21st Aug)

Quiet focus, creativity, and determination are the main characteristics of Salmon. The aura of openness surrounding them makes people flock to them.

Bear (22nd Aug – 21st Sept)

The most dependable person you can turn to, the Bear is generous and big-hearted. They tend to undersell themselves but they’re actually very smart and great with money.

Raven (22nd Sept – 22nd Oct)

Charming with a great sense of diplomacy, the Raven makes friends everywhere. Their laid-back attitude and capacity for patience make them amazing partners but they can get very needy if they are not careful.

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Snake (23rd Oct – 22nd Nov)

Their heightened spirituality ensures that Snakes are deeply attuned to the realm of the spirit. They are also blessed with the ability to become great healers and philosophers.

Owl (23rd Nov – 21st Dec)

Always soaring in the skies, it isn’t easy to get an Owl to commit to something. They’re warm and friendly but their love for adventure makes them behave rashly. No task is too much for them because they’re so versatile and they certainly make life interesting when they’re around.

Goose (22nd Dec – 19th Jan)

No matter what they’re given to do, the Goose will always give it their best shot because they’re full of drive and ambition. They never settle for less than success and they often need to be reminded that there’s more to life than work.

So, which animal are you according to the zodiac of indigenous Americans?

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