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We Live In A System Trap That Keeps Us Unhappy

By Souls of Silver

We live in a world which works full time to deceive us. We believe that life has to be lived in a certain way and within certain restrictions. Our indoctrination is so complete that anyone saying otherwise seems like they’ve lost their sanity. On all sides there are controllers who tear us apart and put us back together in a manner that pleases them.

According to Banksy, it is the advertisers who fool us into believing that we are never enough. They keep urging us to move on to the next best thing and by using this tactic, they keep us in a constant state of dissatisfaction. Over and above advertising, a deeper look into our lives will show us that we’re all searching for meaning in illusory, pointless constructs which keep us trapped in an increasingly oppressive system.

Here are some of the most effective deceptions of this system trap which have seduced us into becoming slaves: –

1. Obedience To The Legal System

From our childhood, we are taught that we must follow the law in letter and spirit. We are taught that it is necessary for the good of society and for our own personal safety. This is drilled into our minds so that we overlook the fact that the legal system is corrupt and evil. New scams are unearthed every day and justice is served only to those who can pay bribes.

2. Needing Money To Be Happy

We think that we need to keep us updated with the latest fashions and buy all sorts of things we don’t really need in order to show the world that we are happy. All our banks work only to make the rich richer while the middle class and the poor bear the brunt of inflation and rising costs. But real happiness and wealth lie in finding love and care and valuable people who enrich our lives.

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3. Thinking That We Actually Get To Choose

Our freedom of choice is actually non-existent. All we can choose is whatever is given to us by a corrupted system trap. This is because democratic institutions are actually breeding grounds for greedy oligarchies who are only interested in making money. The illusion of choice just makes our slavery tolerable.

4. Looking For The Truth

Nowadays, no one is really sure about what the truth is. More often than not, we buy into this system trap, whatever the government tells us. Because if they let us look behind the scenes, then they know that they cannot maintain their control over us. However, there are brave individuals who do their best to expose the falsehoods that are perpetuated but they lack the power to sustain their efforts, and the effectiveness to go against a lifetime of indoctrination.

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5. Running The Rat Race

Competition is all around us. We feel like we don’t have enough time to just let go and enjoy life. But look past your nine-to-five existence and you’ll realize that you’re running towards a future that may not even exist while completely ignoring the present that you actually have. Be spontaneous and go on the adventures that life sends your way. Life is precious and you need to live it to the fullest.

6. Separation Through Individualism

Most authorities have gained power by creating division and strife. We have all been taught that it is us, as individuals, against the rest of the world and that anyone can betray us at any time. The truth is that we are all bound to each other as a race and to the universe as a whole. We need to work together to survive and this lack of unity will only push us towards total destruction.

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Now that we realize what kind of machinations are used to manipulate us, we should try and save ourselves. They cannot control us if we don’t let them. Remember to not fall into their trap.

If you think that the system trap is in fact deceiving us all, then share this article with your friends and family to enlighten them.



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