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Relieve Your Stress With The Nature’s Own Healer

By Souls of Silver

Flowers are very significant in our society. We tend to give flowers to people as an expression of love, admiration, or respect. For us, flowers are very meaningful, infused with values that traditions had put on it. But now, a recent study conducted by the American Chemical Society has found out that the scents of certain flowers and plants can do so much more – especially in terms of reducing stress.

The Difference Between Plants And Flowers

As per the study, both plants and flowers can act as stress relievers. But flowers win when it comes to all the different kinds of positive feelings that it brings to human life. Maybe, it is because of the fragrance or the color, but flowers can do more than just stress reduction. However, there are many people who are allergic to flowers and hence, nature has provided relief for them as well in the form of plants.

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One of the major benefits of plants is that they help in the purification of air. As a result, they can also help in improving the general quality of our life. If you buy plants or flowers which belong to a specific season and decorate your house with it, you can see the benefits. It will make you a lot more considerate toward the planet. Plus, if it is too much of stress to just go out and get a flower with each changing season, then you can subscribe to local florists. They can bring flowers to you whenever there is a new season.

Perhaps, It’s All In Our Minds

However, Dr Jonathan S. Kaplan gives a different theory. According to him, flowers and plants may not be directly contributing to any reduction of stress, but rather it is the sentiment that we attach to flowers that can have such a positive effect on our mind and body. Since society has dictated what flowers mean, it naturally follows that when you receive a flower, you attach some significance to it . One of the reasons for this could be that we try to distract ourselves from our daily worries. So, flowers and plants tend to improve our mood by causing this distraction. According to him, if flowers were replaced by something which the person loves, like photographs or fish tanks, it will have the same positive effect.

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The Internal Changes

The stress reduction that takes place when we breathe in the fragrance of flowers and plants can be due to the chemical change that they bring in our blood and gene activity. Hence, when we inhale the scent, our body understands it and brings about positive hormones to flow through our body. While there are many non-scientific reasons as to why flowers and plants act as stress relievers, one thing is for sure: they do help to reduce stress, as the science says. It’s astounding since from ancient times, people have used aromatherapy for this particular reason, which science is now proving to be true.

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While flowers may be laden with stress relievers, there are certain plants like lemon, lavender, aloe vera, peace lilies, Linalool, succulents, Chinese lace, philodendron, arrowhead vine, vinca vines, and Chinese evergreens which can also have a strong fragrance to act as stress relievers. Even if they don’t appeal to you, you can change and go for other alternatives. So, find out which flowers or plants suits you the most as stress relievers.

Nature has a lot of medicines prepared for us and it’s really unusual how the ancients knew all about it. Fortunately, modern science is also starting to discover the secrets. Let’s buy some flowers and be less stressed.

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