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Forest Bathing: Tap Into The Healing Powers And Achieve Tranquility

By Souls of Silver

It is not a hidden fact that nature ignites a feeling of being in peace. Tranquility is the one thing that comes first to the mind if one imagines being in nature’s presence. Nature works in harmony and complements its different variants of existence. The sound of rattling leaves, the flowing water bodies, birds, and insects, all co-existing in the fresh, lingering smell of trees and earth.

All this together delivers a feeling of divine comfort. And this is something that is widely celebrated in Japan. The official term for it is “Shirin-yoku”. Shirin means forest and “yoku” stands for “bath”. It is widely known as “forest bathing”.

Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing Is Losing Oneself To The Atmosphere Of The Forest

It is customary to associate forests or any place of nature, with activities like hiking or exercising. However, forest bathing is different. What the activity demands, is to be present in nature. You only need to let it seep within you, by simply feeling it. Let all your senses connect to the atmosphere of the forest.

Science has proved that forest bathing has healing powers. Any human is sure to get relaxed and rejuvenated in the midst of a natural environment. However, the demands of the current world hinder to take a good amount of time and forge a connection with nature.

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A report from the Environmental Protection Agency suggests that Americans spend about a total of 93% of their time indoors.  Furthermore, about 66% of the world population is said to live in the cities according to the reports.

How To Do It The Right Way?

There are two stages to go through, in order to have the best of the activity.

First get rid of all your electronic devices, (also your camera), before you begin your journey into achieving the ultimate tranquility. Like mentioned earlier, you only need to feel everything while forest bathing. So, leave all your devices behind and start your journey by letting your senses be your ultimate guide.

It is up to you to follow the scent or the sound of nature. There is no particular destination in forest bathing. The whole idea of this is to engage all your senses in nature’s lap. It does not matter if your reach the same point where you began your journey.

Forest Bathing

Now that you have an idea about how and where to begin, this is the part that teaches what to do. Get all of your sense organs to make the most of the experience. Embrace forest bathing through your eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hands, and feet. Start with focusing on the greenery that lies in front of you. Enjoy the sight of sun rays hitting the branches and the grasses. Look at the intricacies of different shades of leaves when it hits the sunlight.

Engage your ears in what appears to be the authentic sound of nature. This is how you do forest bathing. There is no pressure of having to reach somewhere but all you need to do is to be completely present in the range of delicate pleasures that nature provides you with. Hence, listen carefully to the chirping of birds and the rustling breeze.

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Achieve Tranquility Through Forest Bathing

As you go deeper into the process, taste the fresh air while you breathe in. Do this while you smell the scents of the forest. Go ahead and let your hands and feet feel the pleasure of connecting to nature. Start touching nature, a tree here, a flower there.

Immerse your feet into the crystal-like stream. This is the point when you reach the desired tranquility. When you are liberated with the need of doing the best forest bathing, that is when you realize that you have actually done it. It is not necessary that it has to be done in a proper forest. It can be done in any place where there are trees. Once you get the hang of how to do it, you can go ahead and apply it anywhere.



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