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Cure Your Headache With These 5 Healing Crystals

By Souls of Silver

The imbalances of the chakras or instabilities of energy fields surrounding us can be the source of many illnesses and health related problems. We have often heard people suggesting crystals to heal these disturbances around or within us. They are generally involved in spiritual circles. Crystals have long been under study for their healing qualities. Many studies prove the benefits of crystals in this regard. Their own energy circles influence our auras helping us treat headaches or other ailments.

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Here is a list of five crystals that will definitely help you get rid of any nagging headaches that you’ve been experiencing: –

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is a master crystal used to cure illnesses and fatigues of the mind. Also, it helps people with insomnia and anxiety to calm down. If placed on the forehead for a period of time, it composes your thoughts and helps you sleep better. Sometimes, amethysts are also used to prevent nightmares caused by stress and pressure.

2. Amber

Amber can rinse out the negativities of our mind and recharge ourselves mentally and emotionally. This precious stone can heal the blockages of our mind. As a result, it brings positivity, and can harmonize the waves of energy around us if placed under the pillow while sleeping. That’s why amber can be used for body aches of all kinds, other than headaches, like muscle and joints pains.

3. Turquoise

This beautiful stone in the shade of blue helps us deal with anxiety and headaches caused by emotional stress. Turquoise helps us articulate our emotional selves better. Hence, it keeps you peaceful and empathetic. The crystal has a pacifying effect on anger too. So, just place the turquoise under your pillow while you sleep, and let it work wonders!

4. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a striking blue crystal which work wonders for pain relief. From ancient days, this stone was prescribed to people nursing migraines or other severe pains in the body. Just placing the stone on the part of the body that is aching will provide relief. Not only does the lapis lazuli with its healing properties alleviate your pain, but also enhance your bodily energies for a better functioning mind.

5. Citrine

Associated with success and prosperity, citrine crystals are of a beautiful yellow color. It is a storehouse of happiness, optimism, and positivity. Hence, Citrines enhance self-confidence, enabling you to be a better functioning individual. Along with these benefits, this crystal is an excellent to deal with the imbalances of the chakra that cause headaches. The joyful energy triggered by this stone eliminates the painful strains of the body.

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Thus, we can safely conclude that these precious healing crystals will not just relieve you of your persistent headaches, but they will bring along a lot many other benefits too. Let the healing crystals work their magic and make you feel happier and more positive.

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