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A Guide To Interpret Your Dreams

By Souls of Silver

When we dream, we are not only recalling or reliving our wishes or ambitions. Dreams are related to our inner selves – the unconscious and when we dream, it might actually be telling some hidden truth about ourselves or correcting our own way of life. It is a self-regulating function which can help us heal ourselves and become more aware of our inner-selves than we were before. It’s no surprise why famous people have continued to dissect and understand what dreams are made of.

What Did The Experts Say?

According to Carl Jung, dreams are like a portal which opens the innermost parts of our soul. He said that we are all owners of a universal consciousness which has come down to us over generations and dreams are the way in which we could get into that untapped knowledge of the lost generation. Dreams are symbolic and the symbols could lead us to the inner sections of our soul.

So, if your tooth is falling down in your dreams, maybe it means something else completely. The father of psychoanalysis, Freud, also had his take on dreams. According to him, dreams are a path toward unraveling our unconscious self. Our unconscious holds many desires and beliefs that could threaten our normal purposes in life and our relationship, and so they are fulfilled by dreams. Freud’s mentor Charcot, also claimed that interpreting our dreams could give us valuable information about what our minds desire.

A Different Part Of Us

That is not all though. We have different personalities in our selves – both positive and negative and our dreams show both the sides with their special, symbol-creating technique. Also, when necessary – dreams could reveal our inner masculine and feminine side – both of which exist in all of us to bring balance within ourselves. However, many people fail to identify these archetypes that exist within us. We ignore the messages of our dreams and it could actually become quite harmful – especially when it comes to our inner-self and our progress in life.

You can think of dreams as your guide for our life as well – it can show us how to progress on a path if we take a certain decision and thus, they play a huge decision-making role in our lives. Sometimes, dreams can tell the future or engage in telepathy too. So, ask yourself, is it right to ignore something like a dream? Should you not try and accept dreams as your guide?

How To Recall Your Dream?

It is important for us to remember dreams and make sure that we can draw as much information as we can from them. Now, how can we remember dreams? Dreams are already so distorted that by the time we get out of bed we forget most of it. But we can’t afford to lose such an important guide when we wake up. The best way to make sure that you remember dreams is by keeping a dream journal. That way you can keep dreams as your guide constantly.

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Whenever you come to consciousness, train your mind to recall the dream that you were experiencing. Ask what your dream was? Try to keep your eyes closed and think deep about your dream, until parts of it come back to you. If you get off your bed fast, without pondering on your dream, chances are that most of it will slip away from your mind. But don’t freak out when you start remembering parts of it while taking a bath. Due to the slight repeated tapping of the shower water on your head, you can activate certain memory centers that can make you recall your dream.

Controlling your dream

How would you like it if you were in control of yourself in a dream? Lucid dreaming is the state when you are aware that you are in a dream and act as you want. When you become aware of your dreams by training your mind and take dreams as your guide, then you can start with practicing lucid dreaming. There are several techniques which can tell you whether you are in a dream or not. One of them is reality conditioning. Start checking your watch religiously in your waking life, so that it becomes a habit that travels into your dream world. Now when you are dreaming, if your dream self-checks the watch, your mind will tell you that you are in a dream. Pretty much like Inception, huh?

Forming A Habit

There’s another way to do this without habit formation. When you wake up, practice going back to sleep. But this time, actively make a plan that you will enter the dream world and be aware of it. If you are into meditation that helps too – Tibetan monks are skilled at lucid dreaming because they can shift their states of consciousness very easily. They are aware and they have always emphasized on the importance of accepting dreams as your guide.

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Dreaming is a journey. Many lucid dreamers have identified seven stages of dreaming. The first is the passive observer when you are not even in the act but looking at other people populating your dream. It goes on increasing in complexity arriving at the final seventh stage – when you are aware that you are dreaming. It’s a matter of habit – of resilience, and almost like a superpower – to be in control of your dreams. It is at this stage that self-reflection can be its highest and thus, could result in a complete reprogramming of your ‘self’. But only when you are ready for it!

Dreams have always intrigued people, but now you can see that it is loaded with hidden truth about us. Let’s start with being aware in our dream. Let’s become a master in the dream world. Remember to consider dreams as your guide and listen to their symbolic messages.

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