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6 Habits That Prove You Have High Frequency

Everything in this Universe vibrates at a certain frequency which gives it its unique existence, visibility and tangibility. Any break in this frequency causes the delicate relation of the object to the Universe to be broken or altered and makes it exist on a higher or lower plane of existence than before.

Humans have strived for a higher plane of frequency than their fellows since the first yogi sat down under a tree to meditate on the deeper meaning of life.

This higher plane, call it moksha or nirvana, is the same.

Now, there are tell-tale signs that give away if someone is cut out for this transition process. These signs, if they exist in a person, say that the said person is not cut out for the earth-bound and mundane. Instead, they might just meditate their way out of this murk to a higher plane of existence.

These signs (read on to find out) are such. If you relate to even two of these, there is a high chance that you can increase your frequency if you try really hard at meditating and yoga.

They are as follows.

1. You feel like a wanderer, searching for a tree to cling to in a storm. You are constantly thirsting for a partner or a spouse or a strong family.

2. Despite your intelligence, you are never satisfied with the results you get. You tend to think that you can always do better.

3. You, like Joan d’Arc, often find yourself hearing voices of other-worldly beings around you.

4. You are emotionally fickle. You find yourself oscillating between feelings and emotions.

5. Your moments of lucidity and absolute clarity don’t last long but they are decisive.

6. Your dreams are vivid and clear. They are like visions which give you both demons to battle and inspiration to go on fighting. Sometimes they can be exhausting and scary, and sometimes you even enjoy them.

This article was originally published by SoulTravelRules and has been republished here by kind permission.



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