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Trees Are The Oldest Spiritual Beings On Earth With Magical Healing Powers

By Souls of Silver

Trees are everywhere, more so around people who do not reside in extremely urbanized spaces. Trees are considered to be the foremost spiritual beings on our planet since they are perpetually in a state of meditation and calmness.

Trees are also extremely beneficial for stimulating good energy in your life and they have great healing powers. While it is an understated occurrence, the bond with a tree can do you a world of good.

A Tree’s Healing Powers

One would think that all trees do for us is that they absorb the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere to give us oxygen. But did you know that trees can soak up negative energy too? It is considered that the deeper the roots of a tree are on Earth, the higher it can reach into the heavens. Trees can absorb vital energy from the Earth to disperse it onto us. They can also soak up good energy from dimensions higher than our Earthly planet.

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A Friend And A Healer: Trees

As you might already know by now, trees are spiritually higher beings that live amongst us. They also have the power of conscious emotions. Trees can feel, they can sense our touch, and they are intelligent beings. Being near a tree or coming into physical contact with a tree can help calm you down during times of stress. The only thing you must inculcate is a healthy bond between yourself and this nature’s wonder.

How To Identify A Tree That You Can Work With?

Humans have been using trees for housing, medicinal, and heating purposes amongst several others since time immemorial. The very best trees with greater healing powers are the bigger ones, such as pine trees.

Pine trees are considered immortal. They nourish our spirits and satiate our souls. Pine trees are also known to enhance longevity, augment our nervous system, rejuvenate our circulatory system, and increase Chi energy in our beings. The very best trees are the ones which are large since they hold the most amount of healing energy. The presence of running water near the tree is also an advantageous factor for its good energy generation.

Different Trees And Their Varying Energy Types:

1. Cedar trees and Cypresses lower the heat and radiate Yin energy around you.

2. The bladder and the urinary tract are strengthened by Willows. In addition to that, they lower blood pressure and battle any dry winds.

3. The stomach is strengthened and the mind is calmed by Elms.

4. Pain can be reduced and dry winds can be mitigated by Maple trees.

5. The Indian Fig or Banyan tree has the healing power to remove bodily moisture and cleanse your heart.

6. Cinnamon trees can eliminate cold from the stomach and the heart.

7. Bone fractures can be healed easier and sweating can be reduced by Fir trees.

8. The Hawthorne trees can mitigate lowered blood pressure, strengthen your intestines, and aid digestion with their healing energy.

9. The body can be detoxified, bodily moisture eliminated, and temperature lowered by Birches.

10. You can calm your mind and feed your pancreas, stomach, and spleen using Prunes.

Inculcating A Bond With Trees

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In order to truly establish communication with trees, you ought to believe that their emotions are just as human as yours. You must open your mind to believe that trees too can respond when you talk to them. You have to bring yourself to acknowledge that a tree is your counterpart and not just some object.

We certainly hope this information has made you question your own principles about trees. Trees are a lot more powerful than we give them credit for. Open your mind to truly experience the greatness that trees present to us.

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