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These Signs Prove That You’re A Sensitive Broken Soul Empath

By Souls of Silver

It is no surprise that sensitive people are the kindest people you would ever meet. If you can gain their trust, they would open up to you like no one else. They are genuine, and have no iota of pretense in their souls.

But, on the off chance that you betray them, things would get very difficult for them. For, they become extremely self-destructive- they would never harm another human being for as long as they live, but they will take this on themselves. Sensitive souls would believe that it was their own fault, and work to rectify it.

Their lives aren’t smooth sailing, like others. Sensitive souls constantly mull over things they believed got ruined, and this harms their peace of mind. They always feel guilty over being misunderstood and the ensuing ruckus that it creates, as they are poor souls, who can’t live with being hated.

Needless to say, they need all the love one can provide in order to recuperate from the emotional and mental trauma that they have gone through.

Kudos to their mental strength despite being broken multiple times, for they are still the most compassionate people you would ever find. Sensitive souls give their all to others who suffer through the same things they did. They become activists to those who have been broken, and torn apart.

They really are angels, with broken wings.

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