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Svonni The Shaman’s Spiritual Journey From The Arctic To The Amazon

By Souls of Silver

“Jungle Svonni” was on a spiritual quest and lived alone in the mountains for quite some time. He lived in the lap of Nature, finding sustenance through fishing and hunting. At one point of time, he reached a dead end. He wanted to seek more knowledge from someone who has traversed the same path. However, he found no one in his country who would be able to guide him in his journey of spiritual growth. From being a Sámi from Sápmi, a remote place located on the north of the Arctic Circle, he became a learner in the Amazon, a place that preserves such knowledge.

The Sámi people live in Sápmi, a place that consists of parts of northern Fennoscandia and Northern Europe. The land is inhabited by the indigenous people only and spreads over 4 countries, namely, Russia, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. The northern boundary is marked by the Barents Sea, the eastern end by the White Sea, and the western part by the Norwegian Sea.


Image Source: Northernlightsshamaniccentre.com

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According to Jungle Svonni, “Everything works the same wherever you are on the planet.” He strongly believes that “The same natural laws apply… the situation in the world, if we look at environmental issues… and more social issues, resources on earth are not going to last much longer. In some parts of the world it’s become very noticeable that this has already gone too far.”


Image Source: Northernlightsshamaniccentre.com

What is the possible solution? Svonni, a member of the Northern Lights Shamanic Centre, points out that the only way out of the mess is to be an active participant in the community life. All of us must raise our vibrations collectively and spiritually evolve into what we were originally meant to be. Svonni thinks that we have become hollow human beings, no longer the dynamic creatures like our ancestors who lived in harmony amidst Nature. Urbanization has ruined our bond with Nature and we lack the ability to be at peace with our surroundings. Since all humans are a part of Nature, our alienation has stunted our spiritual abilities.


Image source: Northern Lights Shamanic Centre

“The time when a shaman was somebody living in the middle of the Amazon or on top of a mountain is over, because the shaman is basically a servant to his or her people. And you can’t be that if you hide on top of a mountain or in the middle of a huge forest. You need to be a public person to spread the wisdom and be of assistance whenever there is a need for it” says Svonni.


Image Source: Northernlightsshamaniccentre.com

Well, all is not bad and we can come together to heal the world. Jungle Svonni points out how we are slowly tracing our way back to traditional practices and finding eco-friendly alternatives. “Like 30 years ago, not many people cared about environmentally friendly products. Today, everybody can afford to does it. And the interest for shamanism, yoga and meditation, and all kinds of spiritual practices are really spreading” Svonni comments.

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Learning from the repository of ancient knowledge came naturally to Svonni, “Since I am a Sami and grew up here in the north and on Greenland with the Inuits, and have spend alot of time on the mountains living of hunting and fishing, my connection to the spirit world mainly goes through the Arctic nature and my anscestors who spend their lives following the reindeer. Not through any amazonian tradition. In the Amazon I just found the keys to this ancient knowledge.”


True wisdom lies in the tradition, we just need to find it.

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