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Mars Enters Capricorn And Affects Ambitious People Positively

By Souls of Silver

As Mars has already passed through the Galactic center on the 13th of February, it will start charting its movements towards Capricorn, where it will join other planets like Jupiter and Neptune. The Galactic Center is said to be one of the most supercharged and potent places in the entire cosmos. So, after passing through the Galactic Center, Mars enters Capricorn with an energy that surpasses anything it has ever displayed.

Mars will stay in Capricorn until 30th March, where it would be using its upgraded energy to help us out. When Mars merges with the other planets, it will greatly help ground the projected energy of the sign, whilst alleviating certain aspects of it. As Mars enters Capricorn, we will also find high vibration-shifts.

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After Mars leaves the Galactic Center, it fixates itself on this earthly sign, bringing with it a whole host of questions that we need to ask ourselves- what are our ambitions? And why? Why do we want to do this? Mars’ interactions with the other planets over time will help us strengthen our motivations for our actions.

While Mars in Capricorn is always very ambitious about goals, it also knows where to pace itself. You might find yourself looking at previously insignificant details that never attracted your focus.

Mars enters Capricorn

This duality is due to the presence of two very diversifying entities- Mars and Capricorn. Mars expects us to run through all obstacles in our path, but Capricorn is a bit hesitant. It wants us to take our time- see what lies on the other end of the spectrum before jumping to decisions. And we would find ourselves winning the race if we know when to do what. Time and energy management will be of importance now.

Stay Ahead Of The Game

As there is a noticeable shift in the energy of Mars, here is a little exercise that you should do to maintain and record your energy levels.

  1. Take a piece of paper and pen down 10 things that make you very frustrated. It could be anything- from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night. Don’t discriminate- simply write it down. It could be varied too- a lifestyle choice maybe?
  2. Take a long look at your list- do you find something that you can change if you simply tried? Or maybe a way to do it which wouldn’t be exhausting? Then follow through with that.
  3. If you want further encouragement, you can also speak this prayer aloud-

“I know what depletes my energies, and I am calling on everything around me to help me restore my levels. I don’t want to be encumbered by things drawing me down. I want to be free.”

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After you are done, make a mental note of all the things that harm your stability hereon. You would know what to do as Mars enters Capricorn.

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