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Incense: Light One To Enlighten Your Life

By Souls Of Silver

Incense is a great energizer and also purifier. Let’s have a look at the ones you may need and how to use them.

Incenses have long been known to attract energies and raise esteem where it is lit. However, there is a sure way to burn it that makes it the most effective in your life. A scent is the symbol of divine breath. So a prayer for the reason you are using the incense will make sure of its powers.

For placing the incense, a calm, quiet, and serene place is a must. You should also always use your left hand and tend to burn it regularly. Using matches will show the respect you have for the spiritual powers that the incense is channeling.

You might not find enough time to burn incense daily. Hence, burning it every third day will be enough to keep any negative energy away. Of course, a thoroughly purified place with the scents compels the evil spirits to leave for good.


Each Incense And Their Use.

Given below are some of the many available and their most common uses:


It secures love and helps you have clear thoughts.

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Acacia Incense

It will ensure a good night’s sleep without any disturbances.


This one heightens your intuition and also helps in being precise. The two uses, thus, allow you to be wiser in your life.

Angelica Incense 

This one is a jack of all trades. Thus, it is known to help every aspect of your life.


It will provide you with a clear mind.

Balm Incense

This one will help you be more open with your feelings.


It helps to attain a prosperous and secure life. It is also known to make you more joyful and lucky.

Benjoim Incense

This one is beneficial for workplaces as its smell stimulates creativity.


It gets rid of any negative energy and keeps our emotions and careers safe. One recommends this for purifying a place before moving in.

Cedar Incense

It will give you strength, purify the surroundings, get rid of negativity, and also be useful for people with private businesses.


One can use this to make one calmer. It also help one’s finances.

Cinnamon Incense

It is suitable for business and purification.


It will help you make those difficult decisions in your life without much regret.


It will make your life prosperous and luckier.

Cypress Incense

It will help you with concentration, ensuring a secure and also a balanced life.


It helps in purifying your surroundings and thus, re-fills the positive energy of the place.

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Fennel Incense

This scent can protect you from envy and also be harmonious and peaceful.  


The use of FrankIncense is for mainly purification.


This one affects all your aspects of life and shows you all the paths in front of you. It also keeps you away from negativity.


This one provides purification and helps with strength and success in your life.

Lavender Incense

The scent helps you attain and also maintain tranquillity in your life.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm assists your search for true love, happiness, and success.

Lily Incense

The scent improves fertility and also ensures a healthy pregnancy.


It will aid you in better understanding and. Thus, it helps make better decisions. It is also known to purify negative energy.

Musk Incense

It improves the accuracy of your intuition and also makes you more prosperous and luckier in life.


This one is known to increase your intuition and also improve your communication abilities with divinity.

Nutmeg Incense

It will help you with your finances. Hence, it will also make your life more humorous and just.


This one purifies both the environment and your mind.

Patchouli Incense

The Incense’s main use is to wish for plenitude.


It is also one to improve fertility, along with providing protection and luck to your life.

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Rosemary Incense

This one keeps you away from negative thoughts and also makes your environment more open.


This scent is known for its ability to remove all negative energy.

So now, you can pick any one of these incenses that you feel is right for you. 



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