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Twin Flame : 8 Signs You Are In A Relationship With It

A twin flame relationship is pretty easy to identify. You and your partner feel very connected to each other, but that is not all. There is a chance you would find yourself constantly thinking about your partner, for one. You would also constantly be wondering about them, and forget the entire world when they are around. The relationship might seem like soul mates, but there is a lot more to it. A twin flame relationship is symbiotic- the people involved in it have a healthy amount of respect for each other. In fact, these relationships are similar to being best friends. A soul mate relationship might be more of a conventionally romantic relationship. 

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But do you think you are in a twin flame relationship? Read on to find more. 


1. You Feel Powerful Around Them

In such a relationship, there is a possibility of the man stepping up to be a protective masculine figure. It has been argued that a woman would also do the same, but there have been studies that show that a man is more psychologically driven to show his strength before women. While it does look a bit misogynistic taken out of context, it simply displays that the intimacy shared by them would bring about the protective nature of the man. 

2. You Are Intimately Drawn To Your Twin Flame

A twin flame relationship is all about you feeling really drawn to your partner. To put it in perspective, you could be on two ends of the planet- and it still wouldn’t have mattered. 

3. Your Thought Process Is Entirely Different Around Your Twin Flame

You feel like a completely different person when you are around them. And it shows in the way you perceive things. Social constructs like love, life, and existence mean something else to you. 

4. You Are Always A Part Of Their Life

It doesn’t matter if you have been away from each other. You might have several differences, but you are meant for that person. To put it succinctly, you would always find them in your life. 

5. The World Seems Perfect With Your Twin Flame Around

When you see your twin flame around you, everything starts making sense. The world seems more peaceful, and you find yourself brimming with energy to conquer your obstacles. 


6. Balance

Such a relationship is all about finding and striking a balance. You will know that you are in such a relationship when your partner is your exact opposite- but you fit in well. 

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7. Your Life Is Changed Due To Them

You will definitely be a different person after you have met them. Your mannerisms change according to your surroundings- and right now you are with someone who influences you. 

8. Twin flames Are All About Connections

The most important part of this relationship is the connection that you create. You meet your partner- and you immediately find a spark between you and them. In fact, you could jog your memory back and remember that you must have seen them at some point- somewhere. 

A twin flame relationship is a very beautiful relationship between two individuals. If you think you are in one, don’t let go of it.



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