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Helping Others May Not Always Be The Best Thing To Do

By Souls of Silver

When you were small, there may have been people in your life who had told you that you should help others. You have also read stories and fairy tales where the heroes help others and save their kingdom. However, you may have come across others who said that you should help only those who did not ask for your help. At first, they may have sounded cold. But slowly, you come to realize how true these people may have been. There is good and bad in everything and helping others is a great task. But there is something bad about it as well. Here are some tips that you need to follow when you are going out of your way to help others:

1. Many Do Not Deserve It

There may be many people who would be asking for your help but they may not necessarily respect it. This generally happens when you are in a good position or a founder of a start-up. Once you get some success, people will come to you and ask for your advice. At first, you might also give them some advice. Many times, you will see them turn your back on you after that or they would not even take your advice. But when you have a successful start-up, you know time is valuable.

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Even the time spent making your own coffee would have to be compensated with late night work. So, it’s always better to ask for money when you are being called for advice. People will take you more seriously and they would respect your advice. The rules are simple: If you are good at something, don’t do it for free. And don’t forget this rule. So, if you are called for a conference, get the best deal. If they can’t afford you, then ask for a section for promotion and advertisement. You have limited time and you should spend it on yourself and your success first. Maybe it’s selfish, but sometimes you have to do some things for your benefit.

2. Appreciation Of Help

Always give your help to those who can actually appreciate it. You may have faced this problem before. You go out of your way to help out your friend. Maybe, they are pursuing someone who doesn’t care about them and you know the truth. You go and reveal the truth to them. The result – suddenly, you will see your friend turn their back on you and accuse you of having done something wrong. They will break friendships with you because you told them something they did not want to hear. So, you have to understand that there are people who would want to live their lies. They don’t want any advice and you should not force it on them. Helping them will only make them angry at you.

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3. Kindness Can Hurt

This is an important one that many kind people may do. When you are kind, you may accept to help someone even if you are not skilled enough to do so. Let’s say, your parents are going out of town and leaving you in charge of the house. But you have so much work to do already that household chores just slip out of your mind. The plants die, dust accumulates all over, and you do nothing to help it. You don’t have the time to help. This will disappoint your parents. You accepted the job when you don’t have the time or skill to perform it. So, remember, your kindness can bring pain to others. So be wise, gauge your time and skills well and only then try helping others.

Kindness is beautiful but it can lead to harm too. We have to learn to balance it out.

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