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Libra Full Moon: Masculine And Feminine Energies Collide

By Souls of Silver

If you are, in any way, feeling lonely, isolated, and hidden from the rest of the world, then times are going to change for you. It is not assured if that is good or bad, but things will be different. You will have to deal with issues that you might not want to. But the Libra Full Moon will make it prudent for you to deal with the skeletons in your closet. And who knows? You might stop feeling lonely. Also, even if you wanted to escape it, you wouldn’t be able to. The first Libra Full Moon falls almost 4 hours after the Sun enters Aries. You might be thinking there is still a window. No, my friend, for the second Libra Full Moon would take place on April 19th.

It would be wrong to say that we didn’t have any premonition about this. For, since the beginning of this year, we have been introspecting and evaluating every relationship we have ever been in. It might have been voluntary or you might have been doing it in your sleep. But one thing was assured – you can’t escape it, no matter where you go.

Feminine Energy

Now, shut down on one single thought- Libra is cute. This time, it isn’t. It isn’t here with sunshine and daisies, but passion and collision. This Libra Full Moon will make you confront your closest relationships. This might result in a full blown scuffle that might solve the problem once and for all or you might actually come to a logical conclusion. Whatever happens, you will be forced to see it. The masculine would be struggling for dominance because they are wounded and acting out. The feminine would be angling for it due to startling new developments, information, and basic feminism.

Effect Of Chiron

It is simply not just you against them. Even the planetary bodies would be in a tussle. The Sun would rally with Chiron for the masculine while the Moon would coagulate with Uranus for the feminine. You should be aware of something at this juncture- the time for peace is over. You can’t simply expect peace and prosperity by calmly organizing a meeting with meatball subs. There needs to be friction. There needs to be shock. You are supposed to be jolted into something. Only through that would you get over this. You need to run headlong against a wall in order to get some clarity and some epiphany in these trying times. You will be thankful for it as you would be stuck in limbo, forever stuck with nowhere to go.

Other factors would also be involved in skirmish like money. Your money would be well kept in the possession of a woman. For Venus, the ruling god over money, wealth, and love among others would be in Aquarius. Also coercing it forward is Jupiter, one that loves indulging. She is not going to stop indulging anything. And that could actually be helpful for you.

Why? Because she will never be seeking favors and bounding you in confusion. She is tussling against Mars while also settling in Taurus, making it work according to her words. She demands, she forces, she asks, but she never requests. This might seem bad and horrible but remember this- she wouldn’t bind anything under the cover of a friendzone. She will clearly state what she wants and why she wants it. So, you need to be careful.

Communication Issues

Finally, we come to the main point of it all. What happens then? Well, as mentioned earlier, this won’t simply be the time for talking. You would need proof and you would need actions to go along with your words. If you are seeking to end anything, you would go for closure and find it, not just with your words, but with your actions. Similarly, if you want to better relationships, you wouldn’t simply be saying it. You would look to improve communication and do whatever it takes to maintain that relationship, at least from your end. Let’s be blunt here. No one is inherently selfless. So, assured that your partner and Libra itself will be keeping score.

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Also remember, this isn’t just a singular event that would jolt your life. It would set a lot in motion as it is placed on the World Axis at 0 degrees Libra. And maybe, all of that would be good, maybe none of that would be good. But whatever happens, you need to hold your ground and seek the truth.

This is the third Full Moon for the year, and the last one would be in April at 29 Libra. Prepare yourself!

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