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Uranus Opposition: How Midlife Crisis Indicates Change

By Souls of Silver

When we hear about midlife crisis, we are basically getting to know the effects of Uranus opposition. This astrological event occurs mostly between the ages of 40-42, and lead to several changes in one’s life. These changes will shake someone down after a period of complacency or stagnancy. Why? Uranus is the planet which enforces change. It would make us break down pre-established notions and mindsets, while continuously challenging what we have achieved till date. Uranus would never let you sit still and wallow in self-pity. And this is a crisis, because at that point, you might actually have to start thinking very hard regarding what you should do.

It is also the planet which awakens us. It might throw us off our game, bring in hurdles and obstacles, in order for us to not get attached to a form of lifestyle. As Bruce Lee once famously said, we must be as fluid as water. If we try to stay fixed, we will crumple. Uranus does just that.

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When we reach the age of 40, Uranus gets aligned in the opposite way – different from how it did at our birth. Thus, midlife crisis signifies our second coming, or revival. This juncture is critical and can design the next years of our life, if we aren’t careful enough. This revolution will help us look at ourselves with a critical view as we determine the life we have so far lived, and what we have done all this while. It is at this moment that we would have to confront the truth about ourselves and if we are worth anything in this whole wide world.

Most of us work like automatons, with no semblance of control over our jobs, family, or life. And this would continue until Uranus opposes itself, and jolts us into working to control our lives. Also, our surroundings condition us. So, if we find revolutionary things happening around us, we might feel inclined to do something big. Break the monotony of our lives.

Be Who You Are

The biggest gift that this part of our lives gives us is the realization that what someone else would say or think would never matter. We are not immortals, so whatever we need to do, or could do, has to be done now. If you feel disgruntled or dissatisfied with some part of your life, go buy a car. Or buy a house, Write a book. Literally anything that will help you break free of the shackles that you have placed around you, in the fear that society might say something.

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Remember this- the opposition of the Uranus isn’t supposed to make you shudder with fear. It wants to help you take control of your life. Look at yourself in the eye and vow that you are better than your present situation in life. This is the time when you rise above all, and get a grip on your life which you have neglected for so long.

Don’t get worried. All it asks you is to not let everything slide, but to actually work to make your life better.

If you are intrigued by this perspective of midlife crisis, then share this article with your friends and family and spread the knowledge.



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