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October New Moon: How To Harness It To Revolutionize Your Relationships

The October New Moon, also known as the Libra New Moon will mark as of the most promising days for harmonizing your relationships. This is the only new moon this year which is considered to be graceful.

The October New Moon will bring about one of the most promising days for recalibrating your relationships but it comes with some challenges this year. Mercury is in retrograde in Libra and will add to the challenge in 2021. This might cause you to dig in your heels when you talk about peace. Anger might interfere with your compromise so take plenty of breaks to cool yourself down. Do not bring up the past if you have already forgiven the person. You will get loads of cosmic support if you stand your ground for justice.

Keep in mind that the October New Moon is a starting block so there is no need to rush. 

October New Moon

We have written down the rituals that will usher in balance and beauty in your at the 2021 October New Moon.

1: Saying Maybe Is A Good Thing Under The October New Moon

If you are pressurized to make a decision, refuse to cave in. It is okay to wait and watch in the October New Moon. If you are applying this heat to someone else then take a long breath and rest.

Sometimes when you say “no”, it can mean a “not now” and can sometimes turn into a “yes”. 

You need to let go of your agendas and gain control of your results. Always be open to changes and correct the course you take. 

2: Freshen Up

Influence, Beauty, and Art will come naturally to you as Libra is ruled by Venus. 

You should take some time off and adorn yourself. The October New Moon will make it a pleasurable escape from the intense energy that you experience during the day.

Time challenges might disrupt your style but the October New Moon will insist that you are worth it and the times will seem more pleasurable.

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If you look good you will start to feel good and communicate the same to the world. Carry yourself with confidence and your energies will attract better opportunities.

3: Embrace The Art Of Diplomacy Under The October New Moon

Libra is all about creating a balance between yourself and your team. It will also help you find terms that suit everyone.

You can count on the October New Moon to help you with diplomacy as you can step into another person’s life and understand their situations. This Libra new moon will also help you move through outrage and grief, gracefully. It will also shower you with a greater determination to put energy into your world to make it a better place.

This new moon will also help you hash things out. You will feel like a better listener and create winning situations wherever you focus your energy. You need to lay down all the needs and assess them. Always remember your limits and do not try to please everyone.

4: Beautify Your Surroundings

Libra will prompt you to beautify everything that you touch, see and appreciate. You can cut pretty flowers for your bedroom or in the dining room. Invest some money to buy a bottle of wine and paint an accent wall in your room.

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The October New Moon is the perfect time to give your home space a style overhaul. You can declutter your closet and swap some useless things with your friends.

5: Strike A Balance At The October New Moon

You should use your body to bring back balance to your mind. These practices can hit the spot whenever you are looking for a healthy dose of calmness.

Do some sun salutations or log in to a class for guidance. You can also try partner yoga to help you bring balance back to your body. You can also choose to dance under the October New Moon with your own moves.

Whatever you chose, Libra will guarantee that you will be at your most graceful, lovely, and charming.



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