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Advantages Of Dry Fasting

By Souls of Silver

The practice of dry fasting is the most difficult of all the fasts that one will ever do. This kind of fast should follow only after one has some experience in 1 or 3 days of water fast.

If you are a beginner, the dry fast should not last beyond 1 day. This is in order to figure out if your biological functioning can withstand its rigour.

Let’s find out what makes the dry fast so hard.

The conventional method of fasting involves only consumption of water. In dry fasting, it is a level above in extremity. There is no drinking and eating as long as the fast lasts. Contrary to the prevailing notion, Dry fasting is three times more advantageous than normal fasting.

This becomes evident in injured animals. They stop eating or/and drinking altogether because Dry fasting helps in quick healing.

Dr. Filonov, a Russian doctor, through his various researches he has been able to demonstrate how the human body can produce its own water during a dry fast by the process of transmuting fat.

The fasts that he has supervised include a record of 18 days of dry fasting that is against the myth that human body can survive only 3 days without water.  

To simplify, we can say that the body in the state of ketosis breaks down fat to release free hydrogen molecules. These bond with oxygen molecules in blood to produce water in the body.

The biochemically produced water in the body is purer than the water we consume externally, believes Dr. Filonov. An added advantage of the procedure is that it replaces the toxic water existing in our body with newly and internally produced water in the body.

The added state of dehydration created in the dry fast creates pressure within the cells and that pushes the toxins into the blood and finally making its removal easier.

Y. Ramanov, another Russian doctor, suggests added benefits of higher generation and release of STEM cells in the body. The dead cells are removed through urination. The vacancy created by removal of dead cells initiates a process of quicker generation of new cells.

The body rejuvenates in a biological and a spiritual level simultaneously. Both dead cells and negative energies are removed and are replaced by new cells and new spirit. The body rests in peace.

The dry fasting can be conducted in two ways. The first involves bodily contact with water. Second involves no contact with water. The latter is considered the best way. Dr. Filonov, however, suggests sleeping next to water bodies to allow the body some fresh and moist air.

Dr. Filonov suggests that the advantages from Ketonosis take place in two phases. First, 3-5 days removes the surface cause of a disease. Second, 9-11 days removes the root cause.

The most delicate phase of a fast is recovery which should be double the period of fast.

While a dry fast does not guarantee a miracle, it definitely cures the body cells and soul of toxic elements.  



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