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The True Identity Of Lilith: Why Did The Church Keep Her Hidden From Us?

By Souls of Silver

The Holy Bible is considered the supreme foundation of the knowledge of the universe and the genesis of humanity by  Christians all over the world.

The Bible preached the story of the first man and woman; Adam and his first wife, Eve, who is said to have originated from his rib.

But the Catholic church maneuvered us into believing something which might not be so true after all. The first woman and the first wife of Adam was Lilith, not Eve.

Man or Woman : Who came into existence first?

A verse in King James Bible’s Book of Genesis distinctly specifies that Man and Woman were both brought into existence at the same time as individual entities, not from the bone of the other.

This piece of information would be tremendously unsettling towards the faith proclaimed by the church for centuries – the faith which presents woman not as subordinate to Man and not his equal.

Lilith, the first independent female

Adam’s first wife was Lilith. Seemingly, she was a feisty woman, too handful for Adam to manage. So, he pleaded with the Almighty for a replacement.

Contrary to the Christian belief, the first woman was not inferior to Adam.

Lilith was a self-reliant and a strong woman who was all set to fight for her beliefs, even if it meant embroiling in a conflict with her Creator.

She was equivalent to Adam in all respect and even better in Intimacy.

Her resilience may have made Adam feel secondary. So, a twist was added to the plot and Eve was created in a submissive image to satisfy his male ego perfectly.

Nevertheless, the figure of Lilith is frequently associated with Samael, one of those beings from the Garden who was prohibited to communicate with humankind.

She and her offspring were penalized for this which she accepted with elegance. She was unapologetic about and adamant on her decisions.

It is hardly surprising that the church worked so hard to conceal the story of this strong-willed independent woman.

Else how can they possibly excuse their discriminatory behavior towards women?



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