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11 Mantras You Must Practice To Make Your Life Better

By Souls of Silver

This universe is a mass of energy. Everything, including words carry these energy waves in them.

Since ancient times words have been used to transmit energy in the body. They have energy vibrations in them that can be chanted for healing effect.

One of the ways in which words are employed for this purpose is prayers. The other is chanting of the mantras. Short phrases are repeatedly spoken to create an effect of belief around the person. These words are positive in nature such that after repeated use of it the results are also positive. By continually chanting it, the mind, body, and soul are released from stress.

The mantras that we speak are actually an extension of our own mind. According to psychology, if a person utters positive mantras frequently, it gradually becomes a part of the thought process.

Ideally the mantras sink into our psyche if we repeat it around 125,000 times. It’s a large number that needs to be achevied but if regularly spoken for a long duration, it will start to show its positive effects.

In order to stay recharged with positive energy always, I have written a book with 150 mantras in it. It can be easily referred to in any situation to fight any pessimistic feelings. The book is called “The Pocket Book of Mantras”

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I have selected for you some of the best mantras from the book:

1. I have unconditional love and support with me today

Wrap your arms around yourself and say the above lines. As you hold yourself together and speak these words, you will feel more loved. You must chant this both loudly or in your mind soon after you wake up.

2. Change is the only constant

Remember that nothing stays forever. If you keep saying this to yourself you will be able to surpass all kinds of challenges in your life.

3. I leave everything to fate

You have great potential in you but it’s fate that matters in the end. If you leave everything to the universe, you will feel lighter. Imagine yourself with your hands extended outwards and surrendering your problems to the external cosmos.  

4. I am filled with positive energy

Stand in front of the mirror and recite the above mantra. Believing yourself to be a reservoir of positivity will fill you with more.

5. This is what I wanted for myself

Have faith in your achievements and wherever you are in life.

6. I forgive myself.

Put your hand on your heart and truly forgive yourself as you chant this.

7. I am my own healer

You can relieve yourself of all the pain if you say this repeatedly to yourself.

8. Life is good

This is exactly how I imagined life to be for myself. Everything is falling into place.

9. I am creating a lovely life for myself

Say to yourself that you are contributing to the beautiful plan of life. Each decision I make adds to my beautiful life.

10. The best moment of my life is very close

Say these words frequently to feel bouyant and enthusiastic.

11. Love is the driving force of my life

Believe in the power of love and let it flow inside you. Calmness and peace can be achieved if one understands the healing power of love.

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Say the above mantras with unquestioned belief. Chant them either loudly or in your mind. As you close your eyes, put your hand on your heart, focus on each word of the phrase. Repeat it at least 11 times. Once you stop the chant, take deep breathes 3-4 times and meditate to feel positive.



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