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14 Signs You Are Destined For Spiritual Growth

By Souls of Silver

The spiritual plane, Moksha, Nirvana whatever you choose to call it, is simply the state of mind with a vibration higher than the frequency of thoughts that make up the mind of an Earth-bound individual.

Since ancient times, some people have tried to attune their minds at this higher state of vibration. They sought knowledge of what lies beyond what could be seen and sensed.

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If even two qualities listed below match traits of your personality, then consider this a call from the universe, for you are a soul with the potential to scale the heights of spiritual growth.

1. Restlessness:

You may have everything in this world, but you are not satisfied. You are nagged by a constant restlessness within you to seek the unknown. This often makes you feel lost and scared; you desperately cling on to your family or partner so that you may remain rooted in the world you are familiar with.

2. Perfection:

You are an eternal wanderer for whom no destination is the final stop. You are good at what you do, but it is never enough. Your motto is to strive until you bring out the perfection in you.

3. The World Beyond:

You are a being of the earth plane, with its mundane, material existence. But you see and sense a connection with beings from higher planes, those which people believe exist in fairytales.

Like Joan d’ Arc or yogis of the past, you can feel the presence and hear voices of these mystic beings. You may be brushing them away as figments of your mind, but deep down you have seen and known that Shangri-La is no myth.

4. Emotionally Unstable:

You are disturbed by the inconsistency of your sentiments, for your feelings change faster than the wind. You can never trust yourself to know whether your emotions about something are real or if they are going to last.

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5. Decisive:

No matter however short-lived your moments of clarity are, if you make up your mind on something, you stick to it at any cost. You may be emotionally fickle but mentally you are as firm and resolute as one can be.

6. Lucid Dreaming:

Your dreams are crystal clear and they stay with you when you are awake. Your dreams have a vision-like appeal.Either they leave you wary of the future or they give you a sense of direction and motivation to deal with what lays ahead on your journey.

7. Strong Relations:

When you commit to a relation, you do not hold back. Deep and intense as the connections you forge, are, you are equally brutal in snapping them off, when you wish to withdraw. At once passionately in love and detached, you have the unique power to pour your heart into and retreat from a relationship at your will.

8. Time:

Carpe diem may be a fancy word for others, but you can feel the passage of time, as it slips away like sand from the fist.

9. Faith in Free Will:

You have faith that the universe has in store a blueprint for where your life is headed. But you are not someone to wait idly; you know that the choices you make, unlock your path to your spiritual destiny.

10. Intuitive:

You cannot but trust your intuitions and the vibes you get from people, for more often than not, the fore-warnings of your sixth sense has proved true.

11. Charismatic:

There is a charisma in you, an inborn talent to lead that attracts people to you and sets you apart as an individual with a magnetic persona. People turn to you for advice in their moments of vulnerability. They tend to submit to your inherent spiritual power but you are too altruistic to manipulate them for your selfish needs.

12. Wisdom:

You have always felt wiser than your years and most of your peers without resorting to yoga or meditation. No wonder, you felt aloof from others and retreat to your shell, becoming the introvert that you are.

13. Optimistic:

You are a happy and positive soul who believes that the world can be made into a better place if you put in your due share of effort and love.

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14. Healthy:

You enjoy a strong immune system since your childhood and are less prone to sickness than the rest. It is as if your spiritual strength ensures your physical well-being.

If you recognize the characteristics cited here, take a deep breath and step into the higher plane which awaits you.



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