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Archangel Zadkiel: The Violet Flame Healer

Archangel Zadkiel is known as the archangel who emits healing energy. Hence, he replaces negative energy with peace, joy, freedom, forgiveness, purification, and mercy. Moreover, Zadkiel is related to the Seventh Ray, i.e., the Violet Flame. His uplifting radiation indeed has the cleansing power to brighten up one’s vibration.

Archangel Zadkiel

Zadkiel is known as “Righteousness of God,” suggesting the ability to understand what is morally correct, justifiable, reasonable, and upright. He rescues us when we are bewildered or lack righteousness in the disorderly course of our life. He shows us the right path, which leads us towards the Divine ideals of God and the Mercy of God. This helps us receive forgiveness, alter our karma, heal, and purify negative energy to unite with the Divine Will. 

Archangel Zadkiel helps to purify our souls. He heals us from our inability to forgive, that holds us back from uniting with the highest wisdom of our soul. Thus, Zadkiel brings us back to our roots, helping us to know our real selves. He not only strengthens our bond with God but also acknowledges life’s gifts that God has given us. He helps us recognize how our soul is also a part of the universe.

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archangel zadkiel

The Power Of Forgiveness:

Zadkiel is the angel of mercy. He frees us from the stranglehold of painful memories of the past, along with finding peace. Besides, he reunites us to the truth of our soul- the Divine, which already prevails inside all of us. With the Seventh Ray, the Violet Flame, he converts negative thoughts and energy into positivity, and peace. Zadkiel fills us with the healing power to forgive that unburdens us from guilt and sorrow. It subsequently relieves us from toxic emotions like anger, vengeance, fear, and ultimately fills our soul with Divine light. It brings us close to our spiritual self, enlightening our hearts and mind.

Archangel Zadkiel’s Prayer:

Archangel Zadkiel’s prayer helps us experience the eloquent power of transmutation. Thus, uttering his prayer, one can feel the divine presence of Zadkiel around him. Invoking him relieves us from disturbances of memories and eradicates negativity. We can feel our vibration elevating as we build our connection with him.

The prayer to invoke him should be repeated in one’s mind with an open heart so that one can envision the pervasive light around oneself. Through the prayer, we thank Zadkiel for his help, for his strong influence of positive energy, forgiveness, transmutation, and mercy. We pray to help us release strong beliefs and memories that restrain us. To encourage our ability to forgive, to eradicate fear, rage, anxieties, and other negativities. By the end, we thank Zadkiel and the other Archangels for guiding us, illuminating our souls so that we may serve the world with our highest potential.

Channeled Archangel Zadkiel Messages:

Channeled Angel messages help us build a deeper connection with Zadkiel: 

  1. Celebrating Love in its Many Forms.
  2. Message from Zadkiel-Freedom.
  3. Message from Zadkiel-Release. 

Listening to these messages help us align with Divine Love. It helps find true freedom in our lives, along with releasing negative energy from our body. Thus, the prayer of Archangel Zadkiel can help heal us from within.



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