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Libra Supermoon: Bring Rationality To Your Thoughts

By Souls of Silver

The world never ceases to surprise us. The past few days was proof enough. There is too much negativity, especially considering the violence involved in the Christchurch mosque shootings that shook the world to its core.

This Libra supermoon however holds the promise to bring positive energy shifts that might help ease the minds of the people. The full moon will appear brighter than usual on the 20th of March because it will be coinciding with the Spring Equinox.

The location, the timing and the phase of the moon make it a super-moon.

Astrologically speaking, when the super-moon happens. the Sun will be in the constellation of Pisces while the moon will be in Libra.

The emotional and impulsive Piscean energies will be in conflict directly with the rational and justice-loving Libra when this full moon happens. These qualities and virtues will be brought to the forefront during this full moon.

The resulting energy shifts will give you the chance to basically work with the flow of the energies or simply struggle against them. Here are some things to do or expect during these troubled times:

1. Re-evaluate Your Goals

This is the time to reevaluate your goals and to assess if they are achievable or not. These things can take time for some people. But once you know how big your pocket is, cutting your cloth accordingly will become easy.

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2. Becoming Rational

Take the help of the energies that Libra presents; this rationality is what you need most in this troubled time.

3. Be Grounded

Stay as grounded as you can because this is when things can get wrecked thanks to self-importance and ego.

Super-moons tend to bring out emotional extremes in people and people generally feel extra emotional during this time.

As a result, this is the time to actually try to rebuild the bridges you have chosen to burn before. Mending old friendships and relationships will be of the essence as you are preparing for a better future.

This is when you spend time with your family, cozying up with your blankets and starting a Netflix show. All this will be possible, thanks to Libra.

But Libra also works for rationality and reason. So, you have to re-evaluate the values of the toxic people in your life and (finally) decide to cut them off from your life once and for all.

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You might be thinking that the conflicting powers of emotions and rationality will never get you anywhere, but that is where you are wrong. It is only after an astrologically-planned conflict like this one that true brightness shines. These times will give you much-needed scope to think and re-evaluate not only your own self-worth but also those you consider close.

Needless to say, you will come out of the Libra supermoon phase happier and better at life.

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