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Full Moon In Libra: Get Ready For Prosperity

By Souls of Silver

There is a full moon in Libra due on 20th March and it holds a lot of prosperity for you.

The full moon will be in the first degree of Libra and will form an aspect with Uranus. Though it will make you irritable and short-tempered, this full moon will also bring with it plenty of opportunities for gaining profits and prosperity.

What Is A Full Moon?

A full moon takes place when the Sun is located at the opposite of the Moon. It creates a kind of polarity parallax which brings opposites into view and helps put inner conflicts into perspective.

And phases like these bring the things hidden in your intimate relationship out in the open.

Emotions are always part of the lunar sphere and so full moons always make your intuition levels go up. Treat this as a superpower when encountering any challenges around you.

What is more, the full moon is always influenced by the new moon preceding it. This means the goals set by you during the time there was a new moon on March 6 will come into play in this time.


Markeb will be the fixed star at 29°09′ Virgo. It provides piety, knowledge, expanding perspective, and strengthens your inner spirit.

The moon in a quincunx with Uranus will however create emotional irritability and susceptibilities towards arguments. Arguments with one of your close family members might escalate and that might bring out inner pent-up tensions that needed to be resolved earlier.

If you have acted out of rash impulses, the consequences might be coming to bite you now. So, don’t get irritated easily.

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Other aspects

Mercury sextile Saturn

This will counter the cloudy judgements brought on by Uranus, helping you with clear, rational thought processes which will help you cut through the emotional chaos.

Venus square Mars

It brings a bit of sexual tension and frustration in your life. You better resolve the issues before it becomes terrible for you.

Moon quincunx Uranus

This alignment brings opportunities to flexibly resolve and channelize things like anger into more constructive of channels.

Venus sextile Jupiter

This alignment will ease sexual frustration and bring back affection and love. Also, since this alignment builds truces, mends fences and builds bridges, it is especially beneficial to profit making and business ventures.

Mars trine Pluto

It will bring the desire to avoid any conflict. It also brings passion to your life.

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Despite bringing a lot of turmoil and frustration, this full moon promises to deliver qualities like flexibility and piety, things that are required in day-to-day life. The forces of love and desire might also work in your favor and help you find love in your work.

Moreover, Markeb, the star, is known for providing opportunities for traders who went on sea voyages. So, as a whole, while committing to new things might seem daunting, it is also high time that you explore new possibilities and find new potential avenues to explore; especially in the fields of monetary and emotional gain.

Don’t let the tensions of the Full moon put you down. Sail through it.

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