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The Secret Of My Happy Life: I Practice This Awesome Therapy Everyday

By Souls of Silver

With the age-old technique called Jin Shin Jyutsu, we can drive out all the tensions gripping our mind and body. The human body functions in conjunction with numerous energy pathways. These pathways supply essential energy to the cells in our body. Stress, anxiety, tensions; all of these can cause blockages in the pathways thereby leading to pain. Any kind of discomfort leads to overall disharmony and discomfort in our energy pathways. But through Jin Shin Jyutsu, a very easy touch therapy, you can heal yourself and restore balance in your body.

It is such a technique that can be practiced anywhere and anytime:

Our fingers are in direct connections to a particular organ and/or emotions. Check out the picture given and decide the area you want to work on.

Then grasp the particular finger, for three to five minutes, which is connected to the organ that needs your attention or any emotion that needs healing.

Also, if you are interested in undergoing an entire body harmony, concentrate on all the fingers one by one in Jin Shin Jyutsu.

A study conducted at the Markey Cancer Center, the patients could see positive results from this Jin Shin Jyutsu irrespective of the stage of cancer they were suffering from. It resulted in a reduction of nausea and stress.

Even in all our childhoods, suckling at the thumb calmed us down or holding our thumbs made it easier for us to sleep.


Jin Shin Jyutsu of the thumb eliminates stress, indigestion and tension in the lungs, shoulders and head

Is connected to our spleen and stomach

Also prevents headache, all kinds of skin problems, stomach aches and nervous disorders.


Jin Shin Jyutsu of the index finger eliminates fear, mental blockage, self-loathing, irritation

Directly affects our kidney and bladder

Is also helpful in preventing any problems occurring in our gums, teeth, jaw, elbow, backache, constipation


Jin Shin Jyutsu of the middle finger eliminates frustration, confusion, rage

Gall bladder and liver are directly connected with this finger

Can also alleviate pregnant/nursing mothers, headaches, eye pain, fatigue


Jin Shin Jyutsu of the ring finger eliminates sorrow, negativity, fear of getting rejected

Is in sync with our lungs and intestines

Can help with any kind of skin irregularities, excess mucus formation, negativity, respiratory problems


Jin Shin Jyutsu of the little finger eliminates insecurity, being judgmental, nervousness, under-confidence,

Directly connected with the heart and small-intestine

Can also prevent bloating, bone issues, nervous disorders, heart problems, bloating, sore throat




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