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The Beauty Of Poison: Introducing The Gorgeous, Yet Deadly Crystals

By Souls of Silver

Crystals have captivated and mesmerized humans since a long time. Contemporarily a booming market exists where one can buy crystals ranging from the smallest one to the largest. They have been held quite precious as a material possession and worn as an adornment by the elite class. But there exist some very dangerous crystals which can result in our death. One needs to tread carefully by observing them from a safe distance. Some of these vicious crystals are quite attractive and can be very misleading. Today I will talk about ten of the world’s deadliest crystals that have destroyed certain areas.

 1. Coloradoite

Beautifully scary, this crystal is best described by this oxymoron. It is opaque in nature, looks like iron but is extremely toxic. If handled directly it can result in poisoning. If heated it releases toxic vapor and dust.

2. Chalcanthite

Blue in color, crystals from this mineral are rare in nature. Misleading, as it is sweet in taste, but is very poisonous. When dissolved in water, the solution turns blue.

3. Stibnite

It looks beautiful but is deadly. It occurs naturally in certain parts of Japan and Romania. If you ever handle this mineral then you will need to wash the exposed body part otherwise you might fall ill.

4. Torbernite

This mineral is a combination of uranium and granite. It is translucent, rare but one needs to handle it with care. If they become too hot they release radioactive radon gas which is quite toxic to humans.

5. Hutchinsonite

This crystal is formed with a combination of lead, arsenic and thallium. It looks very attractive but is equally deadly. Too much exposure to this crystal can lead to hair loss and/or sickness.

6. Cinnabar


Found near volcanoes, one should stay astray from this mercury releasing crystal.

7. Arsenopyrite

Arsenic Iron Sulphide, it is commonly called as “fool’s gold”. Capable of causing significant damage, you need to exercise caution around it.

If disturbed or heated it releases a scent resembling garlic and is poisonous to anyone inhaling it.

8. Orpiment

Image result for orpiment

Appearance wise, it is very appealing. As a combination of sulphur and arsenic, it releases deadly neurotoxins into the atmosphere that can cause you serious damage. If you ever come across it, be careful.

9. Chrysolite (Asbestos)

Image result for chrysolite

Asbestos destroys your lungs quite easily. The deposits of asbestos contain within them tiny fibres that lodge themselves in your lungs so avoid getting exposure to them. It can cause your death.

10. Galena

Exposure to this crystal leads to lead poisoning. It is found in various areas, looks attractive but damages you.

All forms of crystal are enticing in nature, but greed has its own bounds. Before venturing near any kind of crystal, please enrich yourself with all the information. Otherwise you will be putting yourself in harm’s way. Be safe!



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