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12 Characteristics Of People Who Have True Integrity

By Souls of Silver

Integrity is among the most important qualities someone can have. But what is it exactly? Well, it can mean a lot of things.

Some people believe integrity is simply doing the right thing, and some others believe it’s doing the right thing but when nobody’s watching. People who have true integrity don’t do the right thing just to show off. People with true integrity do the right thing just because it is right, and that the end of story. They do not expect any gratitude or compliments because they did the right thing. They would even pick their worst enemy up off the ground if they had fallen. Some people might call this weakness, but it is actually a sign of a strong personality.

If you believe you are a person with integrity, you should have these characteristics. People with true integrity practice those traits as a way of life. True integrity is doing what’s right for the benefit of society, not themselves. Positive change begins with one person at a time, so why not lead the way? In a world full of followers there are few leaders, who usually don’t lead us in the right direction. So you can be a leader yourself. Begin by picking up a piece of trash or asking someone how their day was. Don’t do it to get a reward, but because you genuinely want to find out.

So here are 12 characteristics of a person with true integrity.

1. They Are Authentic

Being authentic means to be real, to have a high character of your own. Authentic people aren’t trying to be above anyone else. They are humble and easy to talk to.

2. They Know That Other People’s Time Has Value

People with true integrity won’t keep you waiting to meet them or get a reply. They recognize that your time is valuable. They will thank you when you do something nice for them, even if it’s something really simple. They do this because they appreciate your time and attention.

3. They Give Credit To Other People

A person with true integrity will never steal somebody else’s shine. When they notice something they like in others, they will definitely give compliments. They never judge people because they know very well that no one is perfect. Instead, they teach only by using their actions.

4. They Are Humble

People with true integrity are very humble. They’re never going to deny a mistake they made or blame anything on somebody else. They don’t mind doing the dirty work and they often help out for free. Just helping somebody is enough to make them happy.

5. They Apologize

People can’t avoid making mistakes, but they can fix them. We all mess up now and then, but our egos tell us we do not. The truth is we do, and it takes true integrity to know when to apologize and admit that something was our fault. We don’t like to think we are flawed, but we are.

6. They Know When Someone Is Wrong

When someone does something bad and hurts us, it can be difficult to understand. Nevertheless, a person with integrity realizes that other people do make mistakes. Still, they are quick to forgive, an action which benefits them more than anybody else.

7. They Give the Benefit of the Doubt

You shouldn’t take a person of integrity for granted, ever. They’re willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but it’s only until you prove them wrong. That doesn’t make them weak. On the contrary, it means they’re strong, and they believe in people, just they want people to believe in them as well.

8. They Take People’s Words

You don’t have to work hard to convince somebody who has integrity. They’ll trust you when you say something because they themselves are honest people. They expect others to be honest as well until proven otherwise. Pinky promises aren’t needed here. People with true integrity will just take your word. Just don’t prove them wrong!

9. They Volunteer for Good Cause

People with true integrity see the benefits of volunteering. Volunteer work benefits society as a whole, and that includes you. When a person with integrity does something nice for you, they’ll never expect something in return.

10. They Don’t Need To Argue When They Disagree

Arguing and disagreeing are two different things. When we argue, it usually causes conflict and negative emotions. A person with integrity doesn’t put others down for the way they feel or for their beliefs. They simply express their points of view and call it a day. People don’t have to agree on everything, but they are all entitled to their own feelings and opinions.

11. They Will Never Take Advantage of You

A person with true integrity will never be friends with somebody just to take advantage of them. In the modern societies, it can be difficult to tell when your friends are truly your friends, or if they just want to benefit from you.

12. They’re Honest

Telling lies only gets everybody in a mess. It never fixes anything but, instead, it makes it all worse. When a person with true integrity messes up, because we all do, they won’t be afraid to admit it. They’ll never tell lies to protect themselves.

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