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Let The Healing Power Of Mudras Bring You Inner Peace

By Souls of Silver

Subtle hand gestures combined with meditation, are called mudras. While meditation can keep your mind calm, the healing power of mudras can make you healthy on the inside. It helps to direct cosmic energy through the important points of your body. 

What is the healing power of mudras? Read ahead!

1. Knowledge Or Gyan Mudra

healing power of mudras
This is the wisdom gesture that activates the pineal gland. It helps you to relax your mind and improve concentration. This mudra requires the use of the thumb, which represents the Supreme Reality and the index finger, which represents the individual soul. Connect the thumb tip and index fingertip while keeping the other fingers stretched or free. You can do it at any time of the day. 

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2. Emptiness Or Shunya Mudra

healing power of mudrasThis mudra can open up the heart chakra. You have to sit with ease and bend your middle finger. Then, you have to press the first phalanx bone of this middle finger with your thumb tip. Keep the other fingers stretched and perform the same mudra with your other hand. Do it three times a day for 15 minutes. It will heal the throat, ear, and mouth problems. It will also tackle vertigo and motion sickness.

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3. Vital Energy Or Prana Mudra

healing power of mudras
Sometimes you might feel exhausted, and your energy might feel out of control; this is when the healing power of mudras can help you. The Prana mudra is to bring back that vital energy and vision into your life. It will revitalize you and make you feel a lot better too. You can do this mudra at any time for 5-6 minutes. Do it thrice a day to keep your energy levels high. You have to sit on the lighting pose or the lotus pose. Then, you have to touch the top of your little finger and ring finger with your thumb. The rest of your fingers should be kept stretched.

Feel energized and knowledgeable as the healing power of mudras bring peace and health to you.

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