A Rare Jupiter, Moon, And Venus Alignment Is Going To Bless Us With A Cosmic Smiley Face

Venus alignment
source/ Twitter/ BBC Radio Tees

By Souls of Silver

During this difficult period, we all deserve a little bit of a smile in our lives. The global pandemic might make us feel a bit hopeless, but worry not, because the cosmos is here! There will be a rare Jupiter, Moon, and Venus alignment, which will create a “smiley face” for all of us. 

While rare, this Jupiter, Moon, and Venus alignment has occurred a couple of times in the recent past. The problem is that it can’t be seen easily. Scientifically, this kind of alignment is referred to as an occultation. It occurs when the crescent Moon comes in between Earth and Venus. When the planets fall into these intricate places, it looks as if the sky is smiling back at the world. 

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Much of this sight depends on how the Moon revolves around the Earth. You will be able to see the moon in a U or a C shape, depending on where you are in the world. Back in 2008, this smiley face was well-spotted in Asia. In 2012, Australians and North Americans witnessed this amazing Jupiter, Moon, and Venus alignment as well. One can spot it after dusk.

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While this Jupiter, Moon, and Venus alignment can be spotted from any place, experts say that you will see it better from places with high light pollution. The best thing is that Jupiter, Moon, and Venus are quite bright, so catching them won’t be much of a problem. On May 16th, you can spot it well if you are in North America. 

However, to spot the rare Jupiter, Moon, and Venus alignment, you have to be prepared, as it will be visible for a short time. You can spot it just before nightfall. 

Look out for this lovely cosmic surprise! 

Featured image: Twitter/ BBC Radio Tees


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