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13 Tendencies People With Depression Show

By Souls of Silver

Depression has reached the proportions of an epidemic nowadays as more and more people are trapped into its snares, without many even realizing what is ailing them.

If you recognize any of these traits as yours, chances are likely that you are in the throes of depression.

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1. Creativity

They who say that behind a great artist, hides a great deal of pain, are not lying. People with depression are exceptionally creative and talented. They may be introverts and remain in their cocoons, but when in the limelight, they surpass everyone in self-expression.

They silently reflect a lot over things, being loners as they are. These people bury their pain in their creativity, using it as their escape mechanism.

2. Purposefulness

Those who are lost in depression feel that their life is meaningless. They desperately search for the purpose of their existence. They want to live meaningful lives and help others in their emotional journeys, having gone through the turmoil themselves.

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3.Silent Cries

It is not that depressed people do not wish to reach out. They yearn for help in silence but cannot voice their desperation. More often than not their silent pleas go unheard.

4. Imbalanced Use of Substances

Those suffering from depression tend to abuse substances. They can experience lack of appetite or sleep-deprivation. The healthy combination of nutrients and rest that allow the body and mind to function well is absent in them.

5. Eating Disorders

Therefore, they rank among victims of eating disorders. Either they resort to over-eating and comfort foods or are anorexic, starving themselves for days. No wonder their health is often in wrecks.

6. Questions on Life and Death

Those with depression often probe deeply into the nature of life and death. They are troubled by thoughts on mortality. Often this leads to suicidal tendencies.

7. Sleep Issues

If you are prone to abnormal sleep patterns or are a chronic patient of insomnia, it is more likely that you are depressed. The cure for depression may lie in a sound sleep, but this sleep is harder to get than you think!

8. Fear of Abandonment

Depressed folks often lack self-esteem. They fear that their loved ones will abandon them in their moments of crisis. This fear of desertion can take extreme forms. They might feel that there is no place for them in this world where nobody wants them.

9. Facade of Normalcy

They maybe dying inside but these people are usually experts in masking their inner turmoil from the those around them. They prefer to keep their demons to themselves. This saves others the trouble of dealing with issues that do not concern them.

It is no wonder that people fail to diagnose depression in their loved ones and come to their help before it is too late.

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10. Habitual Abnormalities

Depressed people often display strange behaviour patterns and mood swings. They have fleeting tendencies and may lack constancy, skipping from one situation to another, preferring to escape rather than deal with difficulties.

Often, they tend to appear arrogant, lacking the guts to admit their mistakes and denying that they have a problem.

11. Overthinking

The minds of depressed people are usually teeming with thoughts as they are intense thinkers. Their minds are often beyond their control. The stream of thoughts that continuously bombards their heads is often the reason they end up without sleep.

12. Empathy

Those prone to depression are often empaths. Due to their own painful existence, they can recognize when others are in pain and rush to console them. In the process, they end up absorbing the painful energies of these people, feeling more dismal than ever.

13. Pessimism

People who are depressed tend to live with a feeling of impending doom. They always feel that something bad will happen. This is not surprising since anxiety and panic-attacks are symptoms of depression. However, this only amplifies the negativity in their life and leave them worse off.

If you can relate to the characteristics we have charted above, do not hesitate to seek help from a trusted source before its too late. You deserve a happy, beautiful life and you are not alone in this fight!



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