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New Year’s Resolutions: Here Comes 2019 With Your Brand New Horoscope

By Souls of Silver

The stars know our future already. While we may be worried about what is going to happen, the stars have decided how 2019 will turn out for us. It is full of opportunities and new promises waiting to come and sweep us off from our feet. However, it’s not going to be all flowers and roses. Here’s the future horoscope showing how 2019 will treat each one of the zodiac signs:


You will be blessed with freedom this 2019. You have put up walls which will go lower and you will be more open to others. The work ethics that you have always lived by will hold up and not disappoint you. You will succeed in getting what you planned for in the year provided.


You will come across complicated situations, so you need to find a way to get out of it. Try to make your bonds with friends stronger and know who will support you in times of need. Observe people, learn from them, and let your intuitions guide you on who to trust. Believe your intuition – it is closer to the energy of the cosmos than your conscious mind.


You will be grateful that you have such a wonderful partner beside you. Especially, during the hard times that you face, you and your partner will be able to deal with it together and come out safe and sound. In the end, you will be more productive.

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You are confused between how to make ends meet and following your career, but slowly, you will have a clearer view. As a result, you will see people as they are and drop the toxic people around you. You have been feeling stagnated for a long time – now, you will be moving forward.


Someone needs you. You will have to look after this person but don’t forget yourself while you are at it. According to your future horoscope, this year, your main focus would be generosity and kindness. You will be growing in the presence of this person. You will understand your true desires as well.


You have been carrying an emotional burden with you for a long time. It’s time to get it off your chest. You are quite confused now, but let this year flow. Slowly, you will understand the people who know your worth and want to be with you. They will show how much they care for you, but don’t be an absorber – try to give some back too.


2019 is a time of learning and relearning yourself. You will be shifting from wild to calm to wonderful phases as you grow through the year. In the middle of 2019, you will have a heartbreak, but don’t lose hope – it’s for the better even if you don’t see it now. Your future horoscope shows that you will learn more because of that.


Your loved ones need you and so it’s time for you think about ways in which you can be useful to them. Push yourself, and however difficult it becomes, keep pushing until you emerge as a better person. Work hard to be successful in your goals.


You feel empty now, incomplete for reasons you can’t point out. Don’t worry – this too shall pass by the end of the year. Don’t ignore the people who love you – return some love back to them and you won’t feel so sad anymore.


You have some physical goals to achieve this year. Therefore, it’s time to put your best foot forward. You will go through a strict phase of exercise and self-care but eventually you will emerge stronger, both physically and mentally.

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You are no longer making excuses for people who have hurt you repeatedly. You know how to move on – now, you are moving on leaving them behind. It’s difficult to cut them off, but you know it is necessary and you are strong enough to do it.


Things will be looking up for you. There have been some confusing times but now, things are falling in place and you are seeing the world in a renewed way. No matter how someone might try to get you down, you are capable of picking yourself up and moving forward. You know where to find success.

2019 is a year for change and growth. Do not let anything stagnate you. Keep your loved ones closer and drop toxic people as fast as you can. This year will be awesome for you.

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