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All The Answers To How Number 11:11 Is Connected To A Lightworker

By Souls of Silver

Do you notice the number 11:11 often? It can be on car plates, your watch, or even in the books you read. If yes, then there’s a high chance that you might be a Lightworker. 

Every individual is different, and so all our souls are different too. We are all grouped into different spiritual categories based on our frequency. The groups we are in, define our characteristics, and our soul’s purpose. 

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The number 11:11 is intricately connected to the group of a Lightworker. Souls in this group are highly intuitive and will do anything to help others. Their soul’s main purpose is to heal others around them, and the world in general. Lightworkers don’t usually like to attract attention. They just keep quiet and do the work, be it for the benefit of an individual or the world. 


While the souls in this particular group will have the same goal of healing, each individual will do it in their own way. Essentially, each Lightworker will feel different vibrations. And based on that, they will know their capacity to heal and ways of helping others. That’s why Lightworkers come from different social backgrounds. 

A Lightworker Heals Through Differing Vibrations

Each soul has its own essence, and that can be detected through colors. Various colors mean various spiritual meanings. The color you are most comfortable with reveals the frequency that you vibrate at. It’s not to say that one color is good or bad. The colors are just indicative of what higher meanings you give priority to. Your particular tone and color also reveal your emotions. 

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Lightworkers, in this regard, are extremely important as they literally work with light. Bright lights, which seem light in color, actually consist of various colors that even a rainbow has. They are also called polychromatic. And hence, Lightworkers hold differing colors within them, making them more special.

Don’t feel down if you haven’t noticed the number 11:11 yet. It could just mean that you are so completely engrossed in your work that you haven’t noticed it yet. 

If you are a Lightworker, you will notice the patterns soon. Recognize your powers so that you can further your purpose of healing. 




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