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Twin Flame Journey: 7 New Facts About Your Twin Flame

By Souls of Silver

Twin Flames are a part of your soul. If you are ever feeling lost and out of touch with your inner self, then search for your twin flame. They are a mirror to your soul. When you have a problem with your hair or maybe a small pimple on your face, what do you do? You probably go to the mirror, panic, and then, treat it. Twin souls are like that for your ‘soul’s face’. You and your twin flame will go through the twin flame journey beneficial to you both.

Twin flames have some surprise for you too. Here are some of the things about twin flames and their journey that will surprise you:

1. They Are Advanced Souls

Twin flames are quite advanced in their spiritual journey. They are like old souls but they have come from a different dimension. Their human experiences are molded by their spiritual self. Even though many twin souls may not be awakened, they still have some hidden coding in their souls that will push them to become who they are. They help in bringing polarizing energy to unity. They transform fear into love. In a twin flame journey, love becomes the be-all and end-all.

2. Bonding Of Heart To Heart

Twin flames have a cord connecting to the heart of each other. Even though they end up on an Earthly plane, they have this tendency to connect immediately. They can feel the emotions of each other and their existence is based on such a connection. Most of them can raise their vibrational level through love. If love is in your heart, then you can feel your twin flame wherever you go – distance doesn’t matter. But your twin flame bond can also be forged out of jealousy. In those cases, the signal is weak. After all, hate and jealousy are low vibrational levels.

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twin flame journey3. Twin Flame Sex Will Heal You

If you ever get too physically intimate with your twin flame and have sex, you will go through a high level of healing. It is a situation of power transfer – of receiving high vibrational energy and balancing it at the source. When you climax, your chakras connect. They get filled with light. It is called Kundalini. The repercussions are felt all over your body and it can suddenly unleash hidden spiritual gifts present in you.

4. Perfection In Bond

Twin flames are not like the ‘other half’ of yourself. Joining with them will not ‘complete’ you. You have to understand that love is not about sacrifice – it is about creating your own unique identity. You have to be an individual, and you have to celebrate your individuality. Twin flame relationships are like that – it unites you within. Every Light and Dark part of you is combined – you accept everything as a part of you. A whole. Twin Flame relationships are about creating a Union with our own self.

5. Twin Flame Escape

It might be that your twin flame wants to escape. It might seem that they are running from you. But don’t blame yourself. It’s a problem with their energy levels that triggers them to run away from you. It has a lot to do with their past. You should remember that people who are hurt generally tend to hurt others. Well – the same applies here. But for Twin Flames, they care for you and so, they would rather run away than hurt you in any way.

6. Authenticity Is Crucial In A Twin Flame Journeytwin flame journey

When you are on a Twin Flame journey, it is an authentic one. It is about not engaging in the falsehood of our beliefs and perceptions. Remember, we are conditioned by falsehood. We believe we have to act in a certain way before certain genders, or that if we flunk a test, we are not going to be any good in the future. They are not you. In a twin flame journey, you slowly begin to realize who you are and why you are present here. It will help you differentiate between true perceptions and faulty ‘conditioned’ perceptions.

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7. Twin Flames Hurting You Is Actually A Loving Gift

A Twin Flame is not supposed to hurt you in any way – right? But then sometimes, they end up hurting you, and you don’t understand why. The reason is not that simple. You have to understand that we are all molded by our past. Our past tends to create a negative pool inside us and this can affect our relationships – our twin flame. What we require to negate that situation is another negative blow. The negative blow comes as a smack of reality – something which will help us look inside and bring about necessary changes within. It will hurt for a short while so that we can truly give in to unconditional love. That’s why Twin Flame journeys are so enlightening – they are filled with necessary bumps, but eventually, growth is around the corner.

A twin flame journey is all set to push you to a higher plane – far from the maddening shouts of lies and materialism. All you have to do is believe in it.

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