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The Impact Of Co-dependent Relationships On Twin Flames

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Any connection between souls or twin flames is unable to materialize under a co-dependent relationship. Their connection is characterized by purity and divinity and cannot remain co-dependent.

Yet, unfortunately, so many twin flames are born in a social environment that conditions them into becoming co-dependent in the future. Co-dependent relationships classify as one of the major hurdles in the formation of a twin flame relationship.

We need to be aware of the major difference between what twin flame relationship is and what co-dependency is! One is pure love whereas the other one is parasitic.

Twin flames all across the world are meant to be united. It might take more than a lifetime, but the attraction towards each other’s souls remains active, always. But our exposure to love has been dysfunctional. We are surrounded by such limiting, unhealthy relationships that we cannot identify the real meaning behind it. What the idea of healthy love encapsulates, we never came across. Essentially we cannot bind the union of Twin Flames in the term ‘relationship’.

The workings of a relationship in our modern society are failing, there is need for change as love is not functioning the way it should. At the same time, do not worry. Cosmically speaking there seems to be a rise in the power of the Divine Feminine, to equally face the Divine Masculine. Twin Flames exist to reframe the axes, to redefine love and relationships! We need to take it step by step. Let’s start with healing.

Healing our inner child

More often than not, the reason behind our troubles lies deep, buried in the inner recesses of our brain. Unconsciously we tend to run away from our twin flame due to these hidden disturbances.

All of us have within ourselves an inner child, someone who has grown up troubled, unaddressed due to dysfunctional upbringing. We doubt everything about ourselves. There is a way to heal the inner child. And it is by descending into the darkest and deepest part of our subconscious, picking up the problem, can we try to solve it. We shouldn’t keep it quiet or escape from it, but rather heal it and let it converse with us regularly.

Focus on healing yourself, not others

We talked about the damage of the inner child, now we need to talk about the damaged inner parent in us as well. Our subconscious exhibits multiple personalities and every one affects the other one in some way. The inner parent in us becomes overbearing and begins chiding the partner. We feel responsible to heal our partner as we haven’t been able to heal ourselves. But imposing our parenting on them ultimately drives them away. Anything in excess is detrimental. If we see that our twin flame’s inner child needs healing, we need to be there as an understanding inner parent. There needs to be equilibrium in our approach. There needs to be self-healing first, then any attempt at healing others. Not listening to them, saying a no is very difficult but it has to be done, otherwise the consequences can be much more damaging.

Sometimes there will be a role reversal; your twin might parent you sometimes. But in the end, some form of chiding proves to be good for us. Even if the rejection by our twin soul is irrational, they are actually teaching us how to love ourselves. Love beyond physicality and materiality.

Why do we face so many problems?

When we encounter our significant other, the Twin Flame, there is a sudden outburst of energy. Our complete souls are bared out, even though it is temporary. The 3D world is incapable of holding all the parts of our souls but during this encounter all of this transforms. The whole soul surfaces from all the dimensions during this sudden surge of energy.

So, after separation, certain parts get stuck in the 3D world. The darkest parts, craving for light disrupt the balance. While we have already witnessed the light jump to the conclusion that the twin flame is our Divine Lover. But they are not ready.

So the solution is to slowly heal each and every nook and corner that comes to the surface. Until the process of healing is complete we won’t be able to stabilize ourselves.

Stabilize inside out

When we do meet our Twin soul, we feel more unworthy of ourselves, we begin to draw a comparison between our unworthiness and their worthiness. We begin to feel inconsequential in front of them. This is how we feel regarding our relationship with God and the Universe as well. The way the world has treated us has been bad, and if we are receiving some kind of comfort from the Twin, we think we do not deserve it.

What we need to do is stop thinking whether we deserve or not deserve love. We are love. And we have to embody love within ourselves.

We have always been taught to receive love, as if it exists as a separate emotion that we need to work for. But that is not true. Unhealed parts of our soul do not understand this idea. The problem stems from the way we have been brought up by dysfunctional families.

When we begin leveling God with our parents and our Twin Flame we are creating a whole image of ourselves which is not worthy of love. But we need to let go. It is difficult but completely necessary. We should focus on healing the parts of our soul which feel unworthy of themselves. Only then will we be able to transform beyond striving to become worthy, because we already are. We are the universe, the universe is US.



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