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The 7 Phases Of Uniting With Your True Twin Flame

By Souls of Silver

All of us have heard about soulmates, either through social media or from our peer group. But have you heard about twin flames? In ancient mythological texts, the core concept of twin flames can be found. When humans were created, we all had been physically attached to our male/female counterparts. But with time, we got separated. Since then, we all are in the search for our soul partner, our true twin flame.

If you are still searching your twin flame, know the 7 stages of finding and finally uniting with your true soul counterpart.

Phase 1: The Internal Quest

As we grow up, with time we feel an internal void of something. A void that cannot be filled with any material demand of life. All of a sudden, we feel like we need someone who will complete us, our twin flame. We sense an unknown restlessness in our minds. This is the very first signal from the Universe that soon you will find your twin flame. 

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Phase 2: Finding Your Twin Flame

When you finally find your true twin flame, suddenly you will feel your unexplainable void filling up. You will find yourself looking for chances to meet the person again, getting emotionally and physically close to them. You may also find them in your dreams. The other person will also feel the same things for you, and eventually, you will discover each other more and get into your twin flame relationship.

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Phase 3: Pushing Through Limits

Usually, this phase arrives after getting over the honeymoon phase of your twin flame relationship. Both of you will try to figure out the future of staying together and start planning for your upcoming goals. You will have to cooperate in your different paths of achieving the goals. There will be a conflict of interest, morals, and other complexities of life, which will hit you hard. That is the time when both of you have to push through your limits and strive to stay together. 

Phase 4: The Crisis

The most critical time comes after pushing through the limits phase. The tussle of interests, morals, and goals sometimes creates an ego in the relationship. Unwanted things like betrayal and selfishness can cause extreme anxiety for twin flames. Partners need to hold each other’s hands in this period.

Phase 5: Escaping Tendencies

Quarrels happen, it is an unavoidable part of every relationship. But different people react differently to it. This phase is an extension of the crisis period where one will try to avoid the other, and the latter, realizing the worth of that relationship, will keep trying to restore things to normal. This phase may seem painful, but once twin flames overcome this situation, there is happiness waiting for them.

Phase 6: Realization Of The Truth

At this phase, both of the flames realize that everything cannot happen as per their desire. You will understand that adaptability, selfless love, and understanding will lead you to ultimate happiness. So, you will start depending on each other once again with renewed vigor, and that will bring stability to the relationship.

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Phase 7: The Final Unification 

After all the chaos, peace will find the two of you. With every stage, both have learned a lot about yourselves and about the other too. This will strengthen your bond further and lead to a happy life ahead.

These are the stages every twin flame passes before uniting with their soul counterpart. Have you found your twin flame yet?

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