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Signs That Your Third Eye Is Finally Opening

By Souls of Silver

When we talk about the sixth sense, we are actually talking about our third eye. Located in between our eyebrows, the third eye has always been a secret. It is our connection, not only with our own self but with the energy all around us. Unlike our normal eyes, the third eye has the ability to perceive beyond what we are physically seeing. It empowers your insight and helps you be one with a different spiritual plane. Plus, if it opens up, you are capable of getting into clairvoyant or entering a psychic realm that might overwhelm you.

Third Eye Blocks

However, sometimes we fail to experience any of these because our third eye has been blocked. Sometimes this block can be caused by our own selves or by other people’s actions. When we retain a lot of negative energy, then our third eye gets blocked. This can also be due to anxiety and fear. It can also get blocked due to karmic influences – like an absence of spiritual connection in your past life. Karma is something you cannot undo easily unless you try hard to get into a spiritual course of life and make amends, you can do something about your negativity. Try to get rid of negative energy around you as well as in your home. Start growing as a human being.

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Sometimes our third eye gets blocked due to the behavior of other people. These people are toxic and their cynicism can start to affect you. You will start doubting yourself and your self-esteem will take a hit. Don’t let toxic people affect you. Try to get rid of them and love yourself. That way you can unblock your third eye.

When you really try to eliminate the negative energy, you will start to feel that your third eye is awakening. These are some of the signs that show the opening of your third eye:

1.  A Pressure Accumulating Between The Two Eyebrows

When you are meditating and constantly trying to get rid of negative energy from your body, you might feel a warmth collecting around your third eye region. This sensation will continue to get more intense as your concentration it. At times, this can be quite sudden and will catch you off guard. Don’t worry, it’s just a way of taking you back to the spiritual realm.

third eye2. Intuition

Once the third eye starts to open up, your intuition will get activated. Along with spiritual growth, you will be able to predict the future and feel your senses tingling if something good and or is about to happen. When you get intuitive, you will have better control of your life.

3. Experiencing Change

Change is inevitable but with the activation of the third eye, you will experience a positive change in life. Since you are getting rid of so much negative energy, positive energies will fill you up. You will experience a change in your perspective. Your mind will expand to gain new insight pushing you in your spiritual quest.

4. Connection With Your Own Self

In Eastern Philosophy, there is a subtle difference between ‘The Self’ and ‘self.’ ‘Self’ refers to the perception that you have of your own purpose in life. However, The Self refers to the realization of your purpose with the universe. The third eye lets you enter your inner universe and understand your connection with it. You become a spiritual being, becoming one with the whole cosmos around you.

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5. Your Third Eye Will Show You Lightsthird eye

While most of the signs of the third eye opening are subtle, there is one that makes it quite apparent – that is, seeing lights. When you close your eyes and concentrate you can see dots of lights occurring in abstract patterns through the mind’s eye. If you are in the final stage of your release, you might even see a five-pointed star that is glowing in a blue sphere. This is the spiritual eye that is celebrated all over the world.

Open your third eye and be truly enlightened. Enter a new spiritual realm with it.



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